Whirled Peace Got Hate Mails

I've been receiving hate mails lately. Normally I'd just ignored them unread. There are times when I've nothing else to do and I'd humor myself reading some accumulated messages from both friends and enemies that interest me. I sent some responses to some hate mails, making fun of their grammar or something and called them gay, which would eventually induced some more hate mails. They must have care too much about me and I am simply touched by their thoughtfulness. Here's more>>>

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Damn, you are one hell of a homophobe.

What The Fuck is "Malshitness" anyway? Is it another slang term for gay that gays have invented for homophobes?

You one of them?

You one of them? I.Mean.Them.Fucking.Gays?! (*trembles*) OMFG! I'm out..bye!

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But there are lots of real cool gays on this site who might want to rip your ass for being such a homophobe.

Whoa... You said your "Out"?

Man, you are gay!

Homophobia = Ignorance

Don't care about yer blogs or hatemail, just can't stand people who aren't gender sensitive.

Now that's gay talk.

Now that's gay talk. I.HATE.YOU!

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Are Gay

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The Word "I.HATE.YOU!" is Gay

...and another gay

...and another gay talk..bye!

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Replying "...and another gay talk..bye!" is gay.


I took a nap ... and had the weirdest dream ever. 


I dreamed of Luna ... and I on a ferris wheel ... there was another guy in the other slot, watching us ... then a third party came in and tried to kill us by taking off a screw so that our carriage would fall. 

He tried to kill the other guy too.

All of a sudden, I became an acrobat and I tried to save us all three ... it was so weird ... I'm not even sure if posting this comment in here is good thing or not. 

Why are you guys fighting?

By the way, Jonas ... that's kind of funny... poor you, but you will change right? That's good!

Man ... I'm so groggy right now. 

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Because of the term "gay"...

Can't stand anyone who uses the term "gay" in a derogatory way.

Even for funny purposes, doesn't make a difference with anyone who has biased views with womyn.

Like on the post "Babae mo, Babae Ko..." whatever by mtorres81. Look it up, read my reply... It's almost the same as this one, only with a different person and talking about a different gender or sexual preference.

The most impossible of dreams....
How do you know how I look like? Or was it a dream through my perspective?
That is so Bizarre.

Baka si Tom Estrella ang nakita mo, yung third person and the guy who tried to remove the screw...

Who is Tom Estrella?
Mag:net Cafe.... Katipunan...January 14, 2009


Yeah, well ... I suppose. I have already accepted Jonas as he is though ... he's a flamer -- well, according to me, but he's not bad once you get to know him. :)





I don't know how you look like, Luna ... I just knew that it was you. I dunno, it was all in silhouette ... anyway ... yeah, totally bizarre.

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Baka nga si Tom Estrella yun hindi ako...


Tom Estrella and the Shadows..........


um ... okay?







If you insist ... it was Tom Estrella ... who is he now?

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Tom Estrella

And The Shadows

... uh huh ...









right ... okay.
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Sino Si Tom Estrella Sr. And the Shadows

On January 14, Wednesday, after watching Kidlat Tahimik's wazak-classic "Turumba" at the UP Film Center (aka Cine Adarna), please proceed immediatesly to Magnet Katipunan (right beside Rustan's Supermarket, which will be closed by then; in front of Miriam College, soon to be Miriam University) for the one-time/big-time "Bathala Na! Afterparty". 10pm till around 1 or 2am, depending on what time the Magnet staff kicks us out. 'Tis for free. So come one, come all! Pass the massage.

Tom Estrella Sr. & The Shadows
Earth Jazz Trio
Taggu n’Dios
Norman Wilwayco
Donna Miranda
Roberto Nicolas
Angelo Suarez
Arvie Bartolome
Joel Toledo

TURUMBA (1984)
Set in a tiny Philippine village, Tahimik's Turumba focuses on one family which traditionally made papier-mache animals to sell during the Turumba religious festivities. When they get a huge order, the whole life of the family is changed, as Tahimik wryly observes the "creation of the proletariat." Tagalog with English subtitles. 94 minutes.

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Hahaha! Naalala ko yung line

Hahaha! Naalala ko yung line sa play ni Shakespeare. "Methinks the lady doth protesteth too much." :D

* * *



You hinting at my dream? Or at Jonas' blog?






 ... it's hard to let go ... 

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Oh, I was referring to

Oh, I was referring to Jonas. :)

What's Slum Dog Millionaire?


* * *


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    i hope jonas would


  i hope jonas would have gay son someday.


sketchy. life. stories. on http://karikatuura.blogspot.com/

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I hope not. His son would

I hope not. His son would probably be a statistic in either teen suicides or domestic violence.

* * *