Welcome to a New and Improved FilipinoWriter.com!

by noid

We're back! Laughing

At last, I'm done upgrading the site. Posting content and comments are again enabled. Furthermore, FilipinoWriter.com has the following additional, modified, and/or improved features:

Edit Special Characters

Also, please check your respective posts because some of it may contain weird characters (a side effect of moving to a newer database version) and you may need to edit your posts. I've run a script to automate the replacement process -- usually they are quotes (' or ") -- but the script is not perfect so you may need to manually remove these special characters.

New Users

By the way, if you're a new user and you registered during the upgrade you may need to register again.

Need Your Feedback

I also would appreciate it if you can report anything broken or not working in the site. Please send me a message at filipinowriter at gmail dot com.

That's it! Happy posting -- hope we learn more about literature and the craft of writing from one another. Laughing