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My life is written in this blog "Ich bin ein berlyn" and as i go in the process of searching the real happiness. I hope that when you read this, you will learn something from it.

"Life has a long process of finding what is the real meaning of it, all we need is absolute faith to define it."
--Ich bin ein berlyn (I am Berlyn)

I love to write this is where i can express myself, i write something when i imagine, and discover new things. When i'm down and up. Through writing i sketch my desire and that makes me who i am... -Ich bin ein berlyn (I am Berlyn)

One of my past time is to watch movies. I've watch different Filipino movies, name it :D i knew it. haha! Here are some movies that breaks my heart at the same time makes me smile and fell in love with the story.

*A walk to remember (i also read the book, this strengthens my faith in many aspect of life.)

*A millionaire`s first love (A Korean movie that leaves a mark in my heart. I thought i will not cry but I do.)

*Baler (This is the first Filipino movie that leaves a mark in my heart. One of the best.)

*For the rest of my life by Kyla
*Pangako by Kindred Garden
*Let me be the one by Jimmy Bondoc

*A walk to remember- Nicholas Spark (Bad boy do fell in love, and i love him.)
*The Alchemist- Paulo Coelho (A Fable about following your dreams.) *How to sleep with a movie star- Kristin Harmel (How i wish and dream that this could be possible, the book is entertaining, the word "Boring" doesn't exist in its pages.)