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Data entry workers required urgently. No upfront fees required.

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Data entry workers required urgently. No upfront fees required. 


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to those interested:

-submit your resume(s) to

-include your replies to the following questions

-what would be your expected salary to work full time?

-cost per article/per word?

-your topic(s) of interest?

-please include a sample of your works.

PART-TIME WORK: Philippines-based professionals to grade practice SAT essays

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We are seeking Philippines-based professionals with deep skills and understanding of written English to grade practice SAT essays.

Students in the US are required to write an essay as part of their college entrance exams otherwise known as the “SAT.” The topic is provided to the students during the exam and they are allowed 25 minutes to write their response.

rewriting and seo writing gigs

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Hi, Guys. If you're interested in the gig below, please email your questions NOT TO ME, but to

Dear Writer,

We're a team of writers taking on article rewriting jobs. If you'd like to earn on the side, read on. We take on jobs that requires different type of writers. If you can write and you want to earn on the side, this could work for you.

These are the types of projects that we can give you:

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