tang ina........

by pipoy ()

.......kung meron sigurong gamot sa sakit sa dibdib ng katulad ng nararamdaman k ngayon.....bibilhin ko yun kahit gano yan kamahal..putng ina mo.......hayop........




ayoko na...


by jonahvi15 ( | | | | | )

san po ako pwedeng makakita ng mga nanalong maiikling kwento simula nung 2000-2006  sa palanca awards???kung meron po kayo kung maaari ay paki pasahan lang po ako ng kopya sa e mail..e2 po ang email ko - spongebob_1fan2002@yahoo.com  kailangang kailangan ko po ito para sa proyekto ko sa filipino

Silent Whispers

by spheroid2006 ( | | )

Door slowly opens.  Two shadowy forms crept inside a high class bar with stealthy steps... heads looking to and fro.  The taller one, bulky and sinister-like, was crouching on the floor and the other-- a small bald guy-- scrawny and murderous-like in broad daylight... hands went by feeling the inside walls for any breakables.

Roberto Labasano Cabrera

Virtual Writer, Poet, Artist. 

Dark Secrets

by spheroid2006 ( | | )

Slowly and surely she gave her all
For the person she loved and held
She was a picture of joy
Her smile a rainbowful of colors.

Do you remember when it all began?
She was all happy and content
She walked like a model and a star
She told everyone about her new man.

In the garden
At the park
At the malls
Or while walking by.

Sitting side by side at school
Or having snacks together
She beamed like the sun above
And twinkled like the stars tonight.

All went well, it did seem to us

Roberto Labasano Cabrera

Virtual writer, poet, artist.


Reading In Silence

by Uran ( | | | | )


Poring over Franklin
nothing happens except the hours
and the sense that something is wrong
that it is with me
all the time.

I am learning to forget
But I do not know it yet.

Only when I cannot remember the word for
carrion crow in my language
do I shiver and hide my skin
turning white from the Chicago weather
turning green with envy
from those who learned to call
this country, home.

I pore over Franklin hoping he will teach me
how to pronounce Applachia without squirming
or watch the Jerry Springer show
without retching.


Uran moved to California, last year. She is trying to decide whether to remain incognito or dance the fandango. In the meantime, you can consult your resident herbolaryo for more details.

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