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I'm Sad by Caz

by dvi1400 ()
i'm sad for reasons that i somewhat know..
i'm sad for reasons that never really show..
i'm sad not because no one's there to lend me a hand..
but perhaps because no one will ever understand..
but i guess that's just how it is..
maybe there's just something i miss..
and in my silence i find a lot of noise..
i'm sad because i made it my choice..

Pigta ng Luha

by jedidaiah ( | | )

Pigta  ng  luha


Sa  tuwing  ang  dapit  hapon  ay  sasapit

jedidaiah joy herrera

ang tulang ito ay inaalay ko sa aking kaibigan na siyang naging aking inspirasyon sa pagsulat ng tulang ito.


by adliserc ( | )

Madilim, Maitim na ulap sa kalangitan,
Naglalarawan ng labis kong kalungkutan
Habang naglalakad sa malakas na buhos ng ulan,
Nadarama ko ang lamig sa buong katawan.

Mabango't magandang rosas sa hardin,
Binalot mo ng tinik ang aking damdamin
Sinaksak mo ng punyal ang aking puso,
Dahil dito puso ko'y labis na nagdurugo.


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Tula - 13

by franciskervin ( | | | )

May mga daan
na hindi ko gustong matanaw
ang nasa bintana.

Isasara ko
ang aking mga mata
nang hindi ko mamamalayan
ang daan patungo
at pabalik
sa iyo.

Magpapaligaw ako
sa landas
na ikaw rin lamang naman
ang nagturo sa akin
kung paano gawin.

At lolokohin ko ang sarili ko
na hindi ako kailanman lumisan diyan,
at nakita ka,
ni nakilala ka ng lubusan.

Isa ka lamang hangin
na naramdaman ko lamang
na kailanman,

Francis Magsajo

Thanks to Adrian Perez' Laptop i had the chance to post this.

I Deserve

by nerie_esplana@y... ()

a heart that is asking for love

arms that are longing for an embrace

emptiness wanting fullness

life without loneliness

are the things i wanted to have.

many years i've wandered


countless times i've tried

but only to find out

pretty faces with pretty lies.

what is it to be loved?

how is it to be cared?

i wanna know when is it my turn?

so many questions left unanswered

dreams are all shattered

tell me, are all these things i deserve?


by nerie_esplana@y... ()

Hope you'll be there at my wedding

BLACK for those who are attending..

you'll see me walking down the aisle,

with my pretty long black gown on

while holding black roses full of thorns..

you will see me there smiling,

but deep inside iam bleeding

because for my groom im still searching!

Listen, Look and Stop

by leanne ()
Please stop expecting much,
I am not your perfect match!
If you'll still think of such,
I'll go, you can never ever catch! 
Yes, it really is hard to leave you, 
But someday, i know, i'll have to. 
I've already accepted the truth,
Feelings for you, I'll forever be mute! 


by windrider ( | | )


You will realize how much you hurt me.  How much I cried for you till my tears dried up.  You will soon realize the pain you inflicted in my heart.  How you treated me badly and abandoned me in the rain.


You will realize how much I cared for you…how much I loved you more than my life…

Someday I know…

You will try to find me but destiny will hide me and keep me out from your sight…


The Deluge

by eaudefrancois ( | | )

I still feel it up until now,

The rain, the thunder, the pain I've gone through

It is haunting me every night and every day

I still feel it, I still remember

That flash, that rumbling

The muddy waters rushing in

I am consumed..

I am confused..

It happens to me everyday..

It happens to me everyday..

I was there in the midst of it all

I was there when the trees started to fall

And in a split second I faced the flood

Kevin Kit Baluyot

This is a poem made by my cousin Kevin. He reminisced the happening that changed his life. The deluge made by the typhoon Ondoy


by Camille O. Bacani ( | | )

I missed the times we were together

But those times we shared are lost forever

Day by day, night by night

I am always pretending that I am alright

Reminiscing on the moments we had

Always makes me feel very sad.

Then tears came rolling down

And my face started to frown.

Sometimes you take a stare

But it doesn't mean you already care

I don't know if I'm still your BESTFRIEND

Or it is just a great pretend?

I cannot understand our condition

Or we are just doing this because

of obligation?

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