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i want to be like your sunday morning,

warm, carefree, gentle, comforting.

i want to be your tea or coffee,

or whatever it is you drink--

hot, cold, sweet, bitter, necessary.

 i want to be the sheets you hide under,

when the sun rays bite your flesh,

and you wake up feeling distraught,

alarmed, uncertain.


I think this still needs a little tweaking at the end. I just wrote this on a whim. 


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Four warriors of heaven,

Worked together as one;

To bring the history of men,

And be known as elements of life.



The first warrior came from the flesh of God,

She was pulled down from heaven;

To serve as a garden of life,

And be known as the earth.



The second warrior came from the blood of God,

He was poured down from heaven;

To serve as a river of life,

And be known as the water.



The third warrior came from the breath of God,

Johnnie J. Lim

Shameless plugging

Hi all!

I am very, very pleased to say the Philippines Graphic magazine will be carrying two pages of poetry by moi in the issue that comes out next week.

You see, I write features for the mag, too and I was helping with the proofreading on Wednesday when I saw the lay out of the Poetry section and saw my lovely, lovely babies in it. :)

I may make my living as a journo, but I live to write my poetry and the thrill of seeing my poems in print has no equal, really.

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Papuri kay Satanas, Diyos ng Makatang Nagj-Jackol ( tula ni j.luna)

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'Poet is Priest'
Turo ng santong Allen Ginsberg
Ang bagong relihiyon, ay ang
pagsamba sa Demonyong
pinanggagalingan ng Tula.
Tulang isinilang mula sa
impiyernong pinagdaraanan
at pinanggagalingan
ng Makatang baliw
na nangangaral
ng baho ng lipunan at
pait ng katotohanan,
ang tunay na banal---
patama sa pagbabalatkayo
ng tae at burak na nakatago
sa mabulaklak na
tugma ng
bulaang propeta,
ang makata ng
sentimiyento asukal
at parangal sa mga
nimpa, at "tula"
ng sawing pag-ibig....
Putang Ina--
puro yabang
sa pagpapakita
ng husay sa



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