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i want to be like your sunday morning,

warm, carefree, gentle, comforting.

i want to be your tea or coffee,

or whatever it is you drink--

hot, cold, sweet, bitter, necessary.

 i want to be the sheets you hide under,

when the sun rays bite your flesh,

and you wake up feeling distraught,

alarmed, uncertain.


I think this still needs a little tweaking at the end. I just wrote this on a whim. 

Pain in My Heart

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Dear Diary,


Living alone is not that easy. Emptiness is always there, and the feeling of not being loved is very annoying. Each day, I see a lot of people around but I can’t figure it out why I sometimes don’t hear any sound, except the lonely beating of my heart.

The Father's Son



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the stars were out that night,
you held my hand and I wondered why
thought if love was worth the fight
or we have to say goodbye.

i looked at you with a look so empty,
scared that you would have to let me go
because without you life could get so cold
so lonely..

maybe i wont be able to make it through
live all through out this life without you
but the choice is yours to make tonight
i'm simply there to pray that it better be right.

no matter how painful it could be

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