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THIRTEENTH of October is my birthday.

I’ve received many wishes for my birthday and allow me to make a humble “THANK YOU” for all the people who remembered me and for those who have sent text messages, PMs via FB, chat or e-mails.

They’re really appreciated. Thanks guys!

I’m grateful that all of our family members are in good health and for having very little stress in our lives.

worthy stories and principle of hitokirihoshi

by mj_hoshi ( | | | | | | ) is blog of freestyle writing. mostly, it has monologues, poems, stories (reel and real)and opinions. it also has special pages like pupu series which is fictional satirical funny stories of pupu gang and ate jevs which gives advices for all kind of problems.

"Borken Promises"

by minahborja ()

"Promise" assurance that one will undertake a certain action, gives one's word; a vow... I guess I just don't believe in that saying if we take that as true, then why am I suffering from this loneliness and frustration at this point in my life?

I didn't know me

by minahborja ()

As I look at these poems I’ve written to share with you I realize that all along I’ve been denying the truth I used to say I wrote whatever came into my mind but reading all my words it’s me I’ve come to find I’m the girl who’s sad disappointed confused I’ve felt the joy of friendship and the hurt of feeling used I’m the one who’s ignorant because I just couldn’t see that through all these poems I’ve been sharing bits of me I blocked out the reality and nailed up these boards I felt safer saying it was other’s l

How did poetry change from pre-colonial to spanish colonial? in terms of artist, subject, medium, & audience.

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    We Filipinos are known from being a home of literature. We have lots of historical story, epics, riddles, and of course poems. When our country was in the pre-colonial stage, the early Filipinos are free to do anything, to read and to write everything that become a history. The knowledge they knew about writing, are simple but full of emotions and appreciation. But, when the Spaniards colonize our country, the free to write are became limited. Only in the high class are have the rights to write and read.

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