He is my one

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How do you define forever? How do you define love? How would you know if he is the one for you? These were my questions in the past.. Questions that would usually be answered with a smile from people that I talk to. Why do I ask? maybe because I wanted to know if the feeling that I have would be justified by their answers. Maybe because I thought that I would know how it feels if people would tell me that this is how it is supposed to be.


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Tell me. Will you love me if I tell you right now, “I love you?” Would you even care if I drop a single tear all because of the love of you? I’m not quite sure if I truly love you. You don’t have to bother and help me in answering those questions. All I know is: you’re making my life all complicated. I know that I’m happy with my life right now. I know that I’m all satisfied with my single life. Why do you still have to bother with my head?


I don’t know if I should tell you that I’ve had sleepless nights. I don’t know if I should show you how wrecked I am inside. I just can’t seem to answer the questions; these questions in my mind. I wanted to see the answers and fight; but I just can’t give love just a single try.

His name was Peter

by meg ( | | )

He’s not a saint mind you, but he is to every woman, who falls to his charms.

He has a way of getting to one’s nerves by using his boyish pranks to his feigned manly hurt ego, which in reality mocks me.

It started with just one business call that wasn’t even intentional or planned but by a tactless intervention in a form of two oblivious common friends, who got no idea that an innocent introduction could lead to something.

E.Ruth B. Borromeo


the heart

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Who has ever truly known the human heart?

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