Maggie de Pano Fund for Investigative Reporting on Health

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02/11/2011 - 12:00am
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Humanrace Need It!

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Do you know anion or anions?

unti-unting nauupos ang hininga ngunit 'di alam kung bakit

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nagpapasalamat pa ako...
dahil ako ay bata pa sa edad na beinte tres...
kung hindi ako beinte tres...
malamang ay bumigay na ako.

matanda na marahil ang tao...
kung siya'y wala nang pangarap para sa sarili...
pangarap na lamang para sa anak, sa apo, sa ibang tao...
ngunit hindi na para sa sarili.

bata pa nga ako...
mayaman pa ako sa pangarap...
panagarap na hindi ko alam kung daratnan ko pang...
maging totoo.

dahil nga marahil sa ako'y bata pa...
kaya sinisikap kong mabuhay...


Health Articles Rewrite Jobs

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This is basically a rewrite of existing health articles. You don't need to research on the articles online, merely write them in your own words. You are to rewrite each paragraph while neither adding nor deleting important information. Output should be at least 60% different from the original. Articles usually range from 500 to 1000 words. Grammatically correct rewritten versions must have more or less the same number of words as the original.

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A review on Viva Andrada's book on "SURVIVAL: Unleash Your Inner Survivor" by Danny Sillada

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SURVIVAL: Unleash Your Inner Survivor (Your Guide to Life)
Genevieve “Viva” Andrada

          A Hong Kong expat named Frank Cancelloni related his first impression of Filipinos as “domestic helpers or singers abroad”. He even had a part-time “Filipina maid” who came to his apartment few times a week. 

Stephen-Johnson's Syndrome- A fatal adverse drug reaction and we are all at risk of it!

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Stephen-Johnson's Syndrome- an allergic reaction which can be caused by microorganism and drugs. But mostly caused by drugs, medicines, the pills that we intake to make us better.believed to be a rare, but proven to be not. It is important that we should be aware of this because it is fatal if left untreated, and survivors are left debilitated and scarred their whole life.

Check out this link for more information about this ailment.

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