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Bridport Prize 2017

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05/31/2017 - 12:00am
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The New Year

by j luna ( | | )

“We must learn to move on,” she said. For the last time, we saw the fireworks reflect in our eyes as the memories clung desperately to the edges of the old year, only to be washed away— to be drowned in the new— far, far away.


Two-sentence story.

All The Pretty Corpses

by j luna ( | | )

While watching autopsy videos, I can’t help but reminisce about the good old days— dissecting cadavers in medical school. It's kinda funny that what I remember most— is that it’s truly hard to focus on the task when you have a massive hard-on.


Flash Fic.


by j luna ( | | )

Pieces of her ended up in the fridge. Inside the freezer, her lifeless eyes stare coldly at her heart— blaming it for her shortcomings.


Two-sentence short.

A Daring Rescue

by j luna ( | | )

"This way," I said— leading her through the inferno. When I turned around to check, all I saw were flames engulfing the exit.


Flash... Fic...

Two-Sentence Flash Fiction

by j luna ( | | )

I kissed her, she kissed back— she tasted of lust. Holding her tight, I began to notice how ice-cold her body was.


Flash fic

Sa Labas Ng Gate

by j luna ( | | )

Sa labas ng gate, nakatayo ang binatang may tangang kumpol ng rosas at isang kahon ng tsokolateng Ferrero. Posturang-postura siyang sumisingaw sa amoy ng pabango’t hair gel, naka-polo at de-listong lonta. Pinindot niya ang doorbell, tatlong beses— ngunit walang taong lumabas, ni tumugon sa kanyang tawag.


Isang dagling pag-ibig.


by Gilbert Perdez ( | | | | )
NOONG unang panahon ay may isang nayon napakasagana at napakasaya ng mga tao.
Ngunit nagbago ito nang dumating si Abana, isang matandang makinis nga ay maputla at naninilaw naman ang balat.

Act Of Kindness

by j luna ( | | )

To be humane,

I made him watch

127 Hours

John Robert Luna



by jaiskizzy ( | | )

when amber came inside the bedroom, her husband, alex, was still hunched over in front of the computer.

"alex!" she said as she walked towards him. "you've been there for hours. what on earth are you writing this time?" she leaned forward to look at the monitor screen.

"oh, hi, sweetheart." alex said and kissed her. "i'm working on a new novel. this one is totally different from anything i've written before."

amber sat on alex's lap. "what's it about?"

"dogs," he said.


Jai was born with the superhuman ability of sleep flying. He loves writing stories, watching movies, reading books and making up excuses for not doing any of the three. Also, he likes typing sentences that have no

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