A Slice of Life

a reason

by ghostprince ( | | | | )

its hard to write if your hands are tied

and must follow the rules of 1000 words a piece,

its hard for me to express whats inside coz a thousand word

will never be enough to let them know what is hidden behind the mask.

In every word has its own meaning

and every phrase can mean Anything

Faith, Hope or Love?

by berni.viray ( | | | | | | )

If you were given a chance to possess the extremes of one of these three things, which one would you choose:


faith, hope or love?


If all else fails and you were given a chance to choose one out of the three things to get you through with life, would you choose faith, hope or love?


If I were to be asked, I would choose none if I can't have it all.

What is the essence of hope without the inspiration of love?

How can love surpass time without faith?

How can hope live without faith?



ang estranghero at estranghera sa lugar ng ayala

by cassandra ()


nakita na naman kita. . . .

ikaw ba yun? tama bang nakita kita sa daan?

tama ba yung nakita ko na ngumiti ka?

hindi ba isang panaginip yun?

hindi ko aakalain na makikita ulit kita sa 

hindi inaasahan lugar at pag kakataon.


malalim na ang gabi at katatagpuin kita sa isang lugar kung saan kita 

huling nakita.

tandang tanda ko pa ang lamig ng simoy ng hangin na dumampi

sa aking mga balat.

tahimik kitang pinagmamasdan sa iyong ganda

parang isang panaginip at pangarap 

Swimming Lessons

by antoinettejadaone ( | | | )

GRADE 1 AKO NUNG nag-swimming lessons ako sa Milo Sports Clinic sa Ultra (na ngayo’y Philsports Arena). Hindi ako natutong mag-swimming. Pagkalipas ng anim na taon, habang nagtatampisaw ako sa isang 7-ft swimming pool sa Laguna, muntik na akong malunod nung dumulas sa kamay ko ang gamit kong salbabida. Doon ako unang natutong mag-swimming. (Hindi ko na maalala kung freestyle ba yun o bobbing.

An Absence of Sense

by spheroid2006 ()

I haven't read anything from babywinter as of late, and so I'm beginning to wonder why that is?  Reviewing that writer's past works made me realize just how good it was.  I refer it as IT because I don't know whether it's a man or a woman!

Seeking The Unknown

by spheroid2006 ()

Aimlessly, I wandered around... only to find Nothingness waiting. Well, I guess that can't be helped. I lost my sense for words since I last posted here. There were too many to think about, regarding other writers who got clobbered because their ideas doesn't hold the water in what strainer they put it in. And I'm just rambling over nothing here as well. Maybe, I navigated myself where I shouldn't be, on-line.

tite nga naman...

by pakaplog ( | | )


Regine Juan

Regine Juan
Tanauan City, Batangas

Tsk, tsk, tsk.... *chuckles to herself*

by Fur Elise Da Mirage ( | | | | )

People misunderstand situations, comments, and actions typically the King of this site's criticism and I wonder if it has a lot to do with anger management? Aha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! It's funny I can't hekp but laugh. I'm sorry to the noble founder of this site for finding it amusing but really.. how naive the people are here. So naive that they take insult of criticisms good or bad and snap at them instead of embracing them and bend down to it like an obedient tard. And they're parents too????? Tsk, tsk! Had they been teenagers I wouldn't have minded but for a fool to be a parent... no wonder children here never grow up. How sad and yet amusingly funny.

Filipinos are hopeless... But not me!

by Fur Elise Da Mirage ( | | | | )

Wrapping it up....

Unemployed people feel useless and inferior

Unemployed people are prone to depression

Unemployed people love to complain and whine

Unemployed people are lonely and talks too much

Unemployed people ask for advice but would not heed them because they don't want responsibilities.

With the realization of their laziness, they wallow in self-pity and cuss
the world around them, blaming every little flaw in their family, their
friends, their jobs and the government.

Philippines is packed with unemployed people with such nature. That's why while
95% (I'm exaggerating) of the people here flame at each other like the beasts

A Foreword

by Fur Elise Da Mirage ( | | | | )

A Foreword

In the series of tubes
Be aware, be aware
You don't know who's lurking
The tension is there

So post modestly friend
Don't insult a soul
Or you'll meet a fiend
Who'll preach you a foul-
An embarrassing end

To your social life here
In the luminous screen
But cheer up!
There's more blogs
to clog and be mean.

-Fur Elise Da Mirage

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