This Is How Much I love You

by maogmang jane ( | | | | | )

You have come and touched my life

and made me feel how much you love me.

You always tell me that I'm your princess,

you showed me how much you care for me.

Everything you did and every words you said

are important to me, so in my heart I kept it.

You did lots of things to show your love for me.

I know, in your mind there's something you want to know.

You have query that needs an answer.

In your heart you want to feel if I really love you

and if I do, how much?

It's not enough saying it only to you,

so I showed it also.

I'm glad you love me the way I love you

because all my life, I waited for someone like you,

who will love me for being me,

who will love me unconditionally.

I thank God for giving you to me,

the best husband in the world.

I love you so much honey,

 and if you're not satisfied,

I hope it's enough if I say,

my love for you will last

'til crow turns white.


Created for my hubby: my Clay @;-