The POC Review

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*The POC Review,* a new online magazine of Philippine literature, is now
accepting submissions. We will publish short fiction, creative nonfiction,
and criticism in English.

*Fiction* in any genre is welcome as long as it is compelling and

* Creative nonfiction* includes but is not restricted to
memoirs, personal essays, travel essays, eyewitness accounts, literary
journalism, and unconventional nonfiction that tests genre boundaries. Works
of fiction and creative nonfiction should be 2,000 to 8,000 words, but these
are not hard-and-fast limits. Excerpts from longer works, such as novels,
will be considered as long as they are self-contained. We are open to

*Criticism* is broadly defined as essays on Philippine books and literature
as well as on writing and reading. These essays include reviews of recently
published books, interviews, re-evaluations of neglected works or authors,
and think-pieces on the state of literature and its relationship to the
culture at large. Unless necessary, critical essays should eschew academic
jargon and dispense with critical apparatus. Critical pieces should be some
1,000 to 3,000 words.

Submissions must be previously unpublished, in print or online. Works
submitted simultaneously to other publications will be considered, but let
us know that you have submitted your work elsewhere, and inform us promptly
if your work is accepted for publication. By submitting, you guarantee that
your work is entirely your own original creation.

Send your work as an email attachment to thepocreview (at) thepoc (dot) net
with "submission:" in the subject line followed by the genre. The document
should be a .doc or .rtf file. Please include a short description of the
work you are submitting and a brief note about yourself.

We will pay at least 3,000 Philippine pesos for each work we publish. The
rights we purchase are these: first and exclusive online rights for one
year, the right to place your work in an online archive (though you may have
the work removed one year after publication), and first (but not exclusive)
right to publish your work in a print anthology.

Our maiden issue should be online in July. We hope to publish new material
every week.

*The POC Review* is published by the Vibal Foundation and edited by Exie

Please address all comments and questions to thepocreview (at) thepoc (dot)

Source: Exie Abola

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