The Holy Chore of Blogging and Why You Should Lend Me Your Girlfriend, oh no wait not that!

by jonas_01

I am breaking my habit of silence because I am much obliged to my responsibility to the holy chore of blogging. And contrary to some beliefs, I have so much love for this site. Right. This is the site that has helped me discover my strong inclination to blogging. With that, I owe it to the man behind this site. Yes, Sir Noid, I owe it to you and owe it big. This site has allow me some space for honing my voice and see if I like the sound of it, or hate it, that is, at the expense of others, preferably not you. I mean you reading this. Holycripes, I love and hate it. I love it because it’s really my voice and hate it because it hurts the feeling of others though without really my intention to do so. That said, whatever crap or awesome I may produce for the years to come, you, Sir, and your nice site here are very instrumental to it.

For those who disagree with me both haters and stalkers: you have your own opinion guys. I certainly will not rob you of them nice opinion you hold. If only.. well never mind..

As for you, j.luna, did I kill your dog or something? Thanks man for being so thoughtful of me, but cripes man calling me names and inventing new worst adjectives to attach to them names must have hurt your brain. You can keep on hurting your brain but not too much, man. I must advise you against it. But really, I admire you man as an artist and a poet of considerable talent by just reading the titles of your works. Goes without saying, right?

Well, anyway, I’m suffering this very morning of another vodka-induced hang-over. And when I am with this I like everybody to take pity of me by telling their girlfriends to come to my room or send their dogs, preferably j.luna’s dog (promise I’ll be nice to your dog luna), or anything that can help me ride through this another hell of a day.

Okay, I’ll be away for a while. Be nice, will yah!?

by j luna on May 14, 2009 - 11:19am

Wanted textmate and fuck buddy


name: Jonas Perida




Bagamat nakakatawa paminsan minsa ang hirit ng gagong ito...ang tunay na lalake ay di gumagamit ng numero sa dulo ng pangalan (ex bhebe 13, ghanda 02).

Ang tunay na lalake din ay hindi madada at walang espesyal na relasyon sa mga saging, mikropono, pipino at kung anu-ano pang bagay na mahaba.


Ang tunay na lalake ay hindi marunong magenglish, pero pwede na ring underconsideration dahil andami niyang tae sa puwet. yun ay dahil sobrang luwang na ng butas nito at di na macontrol ang paglabas ng ubod ng daming shit.

Pero sige na nga, para sa ikaliligaya ng Jonas Perida ay di tunay na lalake dahil sa sobrang daming kung anu-anong shit. 

by bobosijuan on May 14, 2009 - 11:16am

 wow nice naman ng blog mo...

sulat ka pa....

napadaan lang...


palutangin sa alapaap ang usok mula sa likod ng dalisay na batis...


by jonas_01 on June 13, 2009 - 1:24pm

Just finished my duty this morning and I feel good of my self. So I'd would like some rewards by being nice and grateful to Internet and some zilions of geeks like meself populating the Internet. And since I am too lazy to write another blog, I am now rereading my own blogs and some threads of comments, and have some hearty laugh of them, and say thank you to those who appreciate my efforts of putting some satire and comedy in this site. That is if you like satire and comedy..'

That said, I'd like to say "Thanks Bunz, Man" for your kind comment above..' Still have some left of that holy-inspired smoke there?!

by jonas_01 on May 14, 2009 - 11:50am

It’s clear now that this guy who claims to be j.luna, or whatever, is not a very bright fellow. Though he has some potential to become an excellent writer/poet, he just can’t stay to remain just that potential somebody. And since I’ve little patience with some guys who is just a potential for a long time and who is not too bright at all, and since also some guys like that of j.luna always like to win, I now grant you the favor: Okay, j.luna, you win now buddy. Now you go back to your squatter home and kiss for me you squatter mom and always remember that I was once blown by your potential. If I have anything to ask, it’s this: Do us all the favor to step up from your fucking potentiality j.luna, be a nice guy for a change, think further beyond appearances, and make us happy, alwryt?!

And one more thing buddy, you, by any chance related to that hero Juan Motherfucking Luna? Well he’s simply awesome buddy. He is the man. I forgot though what he really did that made him deserve our awe. Anyway, he is good as dead. And I have singular love for dead people who still holds awesome memories after many years of rotting away. If you are one of his kin, for shame’s sake, j.luna, be worthy of your name! You have two options actually: either change your name or change your attitude.

by j luna on May 14, 2009 - 12:21pm


Don't care about sympathy or correctness, remember I'm still a punk.

Hardcore Crusty Punk -1
Peti-bourgeouis Mediocre Jessica Zafra impersonating guy - 0

Aaminin ko kupal ako....Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

by Patrickman on June 13, 2009 - 2:59pm

ikaw kaya unang magbago, elitistang kupal!

change attitude?! f*ck you!

you deserve lahat ng sinabi ni j.luna about you. if you want respect, you have to earn it.  stop spreading your faggotry shit dito sa FW, leche.


I'd love to turn you on...

Videoke the Radio Star

by jonas_01 on June 13, 2009 - 3:33pm

... and another not bright fellow.

Some guy who will not stop begging us to call him a writer. A serious writer. A serious failing writer who will not just do. Can't even fucking distinguish a satire and a work of trash (which has been, ahem, what he's currently doing). But there's also that so-called delusion, right?! Well, buddy, I could have play along with you. But did I told this before that I've been ignoring you. Cripes, man, even j.luna knows when to stop while you are still crying out loud for me to give you my internet babies. You simply will not do man. Now you've been wondering this. I'll tell you now before I once again ignore you for good. I remain in this site for lots of reasons. One of these is to meet some real people like you in the Internet to make fun of. Savvy?!? There are other good reasons but I am already wasting my time. You cannot understand them, anyway..

So that now said, here's some word for you Fatwick,or whatever, come here slowly, I am nice to you: why don't bother other people in the Intewrwebz?! Now that's nice..' I mean here's another: FUCK OFF!

by Patrickman on June 13, 2009 - 4:17pm

yada yada. yeah, make fun of me, try it. see what happens.



































































































and here's another not bright fellow

with a mind so green and teeth so yellow

        he doesn't shut up and thinks he's cool

        he's nothing but a fucked up fool

and he likes to eat shit-flavored jell-o.



I'd love to turn you on...

Videoke the Radio Star

by Purple_Ink on May 14, 2009 - 12:03pm

 Hi...I would like to apoligize...really thought you own Pegasus' account also. Just notice the similarities... 

 that's all... have a nice day! (^_^)

by jonas_01 on May 15, 2009 - 12:36pm

Apology accepted... Keep on writing.