The Forum takes stock after three years of promoting good English

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May 20, 2012
Dear Fellow Communicator,
Three years ago at about this time, I launched Jose Carillo’s English Forum as an interactive website for discussing problems in English grammar and usage and for enhancing appreciation of English as a global language. On this its third anniversary, join me in taking stock of what the Forum has achieved in its attempt to create a virtual classroom for English grammar and usage, to build a continually expanding repository of knowledge and instruction about English, and to host a lively symposium about English and about language and learning in general. I’m sure that as a Forum member or occasional visitor, you’ll be particularly interested to know what topics asked, presented, or discussed in the Forum command the highest viewership. I have therefore listed the top 20 of them based on the number of times they have been visited or read irrespective of their date of posting. Check them out now by logging on to this week’s edition of the Forum.
·       Essays by Jose Carillo: Taking Stock After Three Years of Promoting Good English (Building an interactive repository of instruction about grammar and usage)
·       Time Out from English Grammar: A Fresh, More Definitive Retelling of the History of the Roman Empire (What made its empire-building so successful, so wide-ranging, so durable—and ultimately so brittle)
·       You Asked Me This Question: Situations That Call for the Passive Voice Instead of the Active (Using the passive voice is more about communication than grammar)
·       News and Commentary: English is the Preferred Language for World Business in 26 Countries, Says Poll (It’s ahead at 67%, with Spanish a distant second at 5%)
·       My Media English Watch: Clarifying Some Key Terms in the Impeachment Process (Can impeachment happen several times in the same impeachment trial?)
·       Education and Teaching Forum: More Commentaries on DepEd’s K to 12 (“The problem is in the teachers of the teachers”)
·       My Thoughts Exactly: So Whatever Became of “Fine!”, “You’re Welcome!”, and “Dead”? (Today’s English conversations are like the more bizarre women’s fashions)
·       Readings on Language: The Story of the Ascent of Humanity is Told in 17 Math Equations (To think right, we need to learn these essential pieces of modern literacy)
·       The Lounge: Why the Arabic Numbers Look the Way They Do (Getting to know an age-old angle—several of them, in fact—to the numbers story)
·       Use and Misuse: Tired of Hearing Philippine Media Misusing “Inhibit” for “Recuse” (The latter is more precise for it carries the sense of self-disqualification)
·       The Finest in Language Humor: 20 Baffling Questions About Mistakes (Sampler: “Aren’t some mistakes just too much fun to make only once?”)
·       Advice and Dissent: Fantastic Imagery in Book of Revelation are True Events Told in Code, Says Book (They are political cartoons, not hallucinatory prophecies)
·       Students’ Sounding Board: How to Avoid Officious Subjunctive Sentences (They can sometimes sound very formal and officious)
·       How Good is Your English?: How Criterion-Referenced Tests Can Help Improve Your English (You can work your way up to really great English!)
See you at the Forum!
Joe Carillo

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