The face off (A pre-piece of the fantasy novel The Avhelle)

by Mariphosa Abines ( | )


       In the kingdom, far from the ordinary world, or as they call it the kingdom of Avhelle, a sorcerer aims to rule the great land forever. Unfortunately because of his evilness and the continuing rebellion, one of his old friend, decides to put an end to it.


Crondo:       the good old wizard

Lord mist:   the king of Avhelle


In the king’s great tower the two old friends face each other again.

In his mighty chair, Lord Misty is sitting, and the ragged old wizard holding his sword is Crondo the Great Caspian.


Lord Misty:

        My old friend! How glad I see you today!

        It’s only unfortunate that it could also be the end.



        True enough.

         And I pity how can’t you witness tomorrow’s celebration after I devour you with this sword.


Lord Misty:

        Is that how my old friend treats me?

        You may be so arrogant and foolish but let me remind you.

        I am the king, the highest.

        Can you even draw a scar on me?



        High it maybe, all things fall.

        That’s the law of gravity.

        If not they will collide or explode like stars!


Lord Misty: (laugh)

        I am the black hole, the judgment and the bender of gravity.

        No law pass through me seen exist or uncrippled.



        Then that explains how void you are!


Lord Misty:

         Voidness is the beginning of everything, remember?



          And also your end! I’ll make sure of that.

           For your act will be given neither a gift of repent or forgiveness.

          The scars you commit to my land are deep and fatal and there is no remedy for that!