The F word not a letter.

by Jean Reyes ( | )

The “F” word..


I've never called myself a feminist. I mean, I am a strong woman; I believe in equality and am vocal in my opposition to sexism. I've been in positions of power, I can drive large trucks (in heels) and I own and operate power tools. But I've never worn the label. 


That label.


I'm not sure why. Maybe it's because it sounded too aggressive, or maybe I didn't agree with some of the feminist rhetoric. Perhaps I've been lucky (or oblivious) enough to have avoided gender discrimination altogether. All I know is that I am coming to terms with my identity - I am, indeed, a full-fledged feminist, pardon the alliteration.


My Fashion-fanatic!


Being aboard the working gal train makes one realize that September isn't that big a deal anymore:...but in Dubai, hell yeah!!..while fashion mags are thicker in the early fall, clothes shopping is no longer a seasonal event but rather contingent on the state of the good ol' credit card bill. J


My lil’ monsters.


The beginning of my new life.. My own children!!  While I am a working mother myself, I know that pulling it all together can be a challenge!! Big time!! And a pocket full of dreams can be a disaster especially when “ber-month” is in the air!!..

My Single’-ness..

It’s a not a coincidence…It was a choice?!.. But not a regret, neither a sweet revenge!..but a simple word…”bloody, I have no choice!”..yeah I know, laugh., hope one day u’ll not goin’ to wear these shoes..rubber shoes in stiletto styles!


Half a dreamer + Half  a believer


= is equals to “reality bites!” if u don’t work on it..useless my friend. And it’s not a 24hours renovation, or under construction in is simply comes with a good ingredients: 1tbsp. of patience 2 ½ cup of trust 5slice of Faith and a 90kl.grams of execution!!