the Entobment

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Wave goodbye..

I saw myself shed tears as I leave

I’m afraid there’s no turning back

I have sliced myself into two

And we can’t save both..





The Unseen sucking the life out of the living

I watched myself bury me alive

And carve my name on the epitaph

With twisted candles on each end

Bleeding blood..




Fake cries, all lies

Waiting for myself to turn cold

Frozen tears, broken wings





Numbness is relief..





-         chelmi





Hmm,  I think you wanted to say:  entombment, the act of placing in a tomb, to bury.



Junimun norul saranghe... ^ . ^*


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sorry for missing the "M" thanks for pointing out :)

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______________________   so



so sad and scary


"The great way to feel happines is to know nothing like what you have did when you're in childhood age."

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tanong lang po

may bleeding blood ba talga?? translate natin para malinaw..nagdurugong dugo...oh well..pwede rin ba na crying tears? below the underneath? over the above?

tanong lang po salamat 


Starblaze "Dakilang mangingibig, malikot ang isip (at kamay)

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marahil ang nais nyang iparating ay pagdaloy ng dugo? 


"The greatest way to feel happiness is to know nothing like what you have always did when you're in childhood stage."