The Da Vinci code: A novel

by Reymos
cover of The Da Vinci code: A novelauthor: Dan Brown
asin: 0552149519
binding: Paperback

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Cracking the Secrets

I learned about this book way back in April 2004 when I was in Thailand for a short trip. I had the chance to read its review in the film review section of a newspaper. I was really excited to grab a copy of it. When I arrived Singapore (as my final destination) I immediately purchased it from the bookstore!

Everybody knows what the story is all about, including the characters after its release in late 2003 and its film production this year. What I want to say here is that Dan Brown was able to connect the reality and imagination. He was able to convince us that there are valid reasons why Jesus' bloodline is worth investigating. The story is trying to shake the foundation of our faith, how far we could question Brown's investigation by having Mr. Langdon in the quest.

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