The Art of Listening

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“This is my dear Son – listen to Him.”


            Distractions. We get a lot of these daily. I have my long list of it. For certain you have your list too.


             In today's Gospel for example, Jesus disciples were distracted because of His transfigfuration. And so the Father spoke to them and commanded them to listen.


             LISTENING! Not everybody’s art! I hope I am getting a nod here.

               I could think of many situations wherein listening is as difficult as taking a differential calculus exam. But one situation that first came to my mind is when we argue something and we wanted our opponent to concede with our arguments. We talk more than we listen in our strong effort to persuade that person. We are already distracted with our emotion. Emotional imbalance in psychology. I remember my literature professor who said to me in writing that I have the feel for the langauge in one of my journal entries. That is it. We get the feel of the scenario. But in the desiderata are the lines, "Speak your truth quietly and clearly; and listen to others, even the dull and the ignorant; they too have their story."

We are challeged to be ourselves even with the many distractions around and remain focused to the core  and essence of what we are doing.


The art of listening is as important as the art of talking or any art for that matter.