Tears From Heaven.

by TY ( | )

When I’m all alone watching people passing by

Waiting by myself with my hands on a window pane

Then darkness paint the scene where laughter’s used to fall

I think desperately is it really it has to be?


Can’t you see the tears from heaven?

It tumbles me and I fell to pieces


I started to cry while others started to laugh

Although I tried to smile but still I feel the pain

Deprived and depraved I’m so lost in the rain

I prayed once again for the sun to rise again


Can’t you see the tears from heaven?

Washing down my face so lonely

If you could only feel what my heart is telling me

I hope the tears from heaven brings you home

Tyrone Keith Sadian

I made this song for all the people who had been left alone. Just like now "I was left by the one that I love."