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Many people wondered how I become a writer. I myself at first was also at loss. I have always been in-love with books, fascinated with people, places, cultures and events. I have encountered words, big words as I go along unending essays at school. But never in my remotest dreams that one-day I’ll be a writer.

E. Ruth Borromeo is a freelance writer for different women's magazines. She writes essays, short stories, feature articles, and press releases.

first time

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first time ko...para akong freshman sa school...nangangapa......natutulala...aantay ng magiging fwen...sana ok dito...gusto ko lang naman magkaroon ng online journal....tsaka feeling ko i have a need for writing....sort of outlet ba....siguro naman sensible naman ako kahit papano...wish ko lang...sa edad ko ba namang to eh ala pa ba kong masasabing me sense hehehe....so pano dito na lang muna...tsaka gusto ko rin palang maging writer...ubra kaya ko?oh sya til next blog...hope me makapansin sa alang kawenta wenta kong blog

Blog Your Novel Month Thoughts and Ideas

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I'm still trying to decide what kind of novel to write for our upcoming Blog Your Novel Month in October, but so far, here are a couple of ideas which I've come up with:

1. A mystery novel set in the Philippines circa American era, perhaps 1930's.
2. An autobiographical novel of my childhood.

Right now, because of pragmatic concerns -- e.g. limited time -- I'm leaning more towards the latter. On the other hand, I love to research and perhaps the research would lend the impetus for me to be able to write the mystery novel.


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Does anybody know here whether the two grand prize winners of Neil Gaimn's fiction contest split the P100,000 pot money?


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You’ve had a long, hard day – which resulted to uncertainty…or nothing. The sun was dying when you took the bus home, and you suddenly feel sick and nauseous. Carsickness. Then your exhaustion - coupled with regrets and a sense of worthlessness - suddenly kicks in… and you burst into tears.

Your nerves are frayed as well. You realize your PMDD hasn’t worn off. You burst into awful, silent, angry tears. Tears run down your cheeks, and the more you wipe them away, the more they stream down your face, drip from your chin and nose and stain your pink shirt. You sob quietly as you look out the bus and at the fading light… trees, clouds, eyesore streets, ugly MMDA art, garbage and houses all a blur. And questions race through your mind. Questions you repeatedly ask but always knew the answers to.

Sino choice niyo?

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katatapos lamang ng Gawad Urian, ang parangal kung saan mas binibigyan halaga ang kalidad ng pelikula. Kung kayo ang tatanungin, sino ang karapat dapat manalo sa Urian sa kategoryang best actress?

irma adlawan - sa north diversion road
claudine barreto - nasaan ka man
ana capri - ala verde ala pobre
jaclyn jose - sarung banggi (nagwagi)
jaycee parker - ilusyon
analyn bangsi-il - kalimugtong

Crossword Puzzle, Word Search and Sudoku

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For someone who is a control freak like me, life is plainly linear.  Despite being caught up in situations where factors may be beyond one’s reach, the control psycho is always in denial – in denial that he cannot put everything in the palm of his hands.  For this absurd being, there always is a “cause and effect” or a “problem and solution” or a “template”, and it is up to his supreme power to fix everything – or so he thinks.
            Losing control is one of the greatest fears of some people – most of them are achievers who are both stubborn and insecure.  The question is, why is this an issue?  I mean, ordinary humans are not god of any sort, but how come that there are people like us who try so damn hard to be god-like in terms of putting things within our control?

Liberating From Quarter Life Crisis

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I will never forget the day when a friend sent me an anonymously written article entitled “Being Twenty-Something”, a vivid explanation of the well-embraced “quarter-life crisis” - I got it with an e-card during my twenty-first birthday.  After a quick browse, I suddenly found my refuge, which somehow is synonymous to a convenient tool for rationalizing what I was feeling at that very moment.  Thinking that the so called “phenomenon” will turn out to be just a quick phase in my life, I did not allow it to eat me – thinking that the whole concept is a fluke, probably just written by a pathetic pseudo writer cum sociologist aspiring for a Nobel Prize.  But after one failed attempt in a serious relationship, two hasty career shifts and three more birthdays, it is shameful to admit that I am undeniably stuck to the “crisis”.


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Pansin ko na maraming aktibo sa pag-post ng kanikanilang mga obra para mabasa ng ibang mga members ng site na 'to. Ang gusto ko lang sana malaman, lahat ba ng mga likha ay p'wedeng punahin batay sa sarili mong pananaw?

Halimbawa, ako, bilang isang taong gustong matutong sumulat at ginugustong lumawak ang kaalaman sa napili kong sining, gusto ko sana malaman kung ano pa ang mga kulang ko o mga mali kong nagawa/ginagawa o kung ano pa mang makakapagpabuti sa'kin bilang isang mag-aaral sa larangan ng pagsusulat.Naniniwala ako na marami tayong matututuhan kung hindi lang natin ipapabasa ang mga na-post natin na mga trabaho pero kung malalaman natin ang mga pananaw ng ibang mga tao tungkol dito.


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Isang pasasalamat at naging bahagi ako ng filipinowriter.com. Isang malaking bagay ang makilala ang husay ng mga pilipino sa pagsusulat ng iba't-ibang akda lalu na kapag ito ay nakasalin sa wikang filipino.

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