Mga Gabing Walang Tulog

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Ala-una na ng madaling araw…Narito na naman ako sa harap ng Computer. Nag-i-internet. Nagpapatugtog. Umiinom ng isang malamig na baso ng Milo. Nagmumuni-muni. Ganyan ako magpalipas-oras…

Oo, alam ko. Finals na. Dapat eh nagsisipag na ‘ko sa pag-aaral… Pero bakit nga ba ganito ang mga pinaggaga-gawa ko ngayon?

Marahil ay iniisip niyo ngayon na tamad ako mag-aral. Maaari nga sigurong tinatamad ako. Pero kung magkakaroon ka naman ng isang nakaka-buryong na buhay-pamantasan, baka maging katulad niyo rin ako…Hindi naman sa nandadamay ako, pero malamang eh kung nasa katayuan niyo ako eh maiisip niyo rin ‘tong mga bagay na ‘to.

Ang Magmahal ng Alabok

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Isang linggo na ang nakalipas magmula ng ma-busted ako…
Bukod sa aking pamilya, kamag-anak at mga kaibigan, nag-iisa ako sa buhay. Kakatwang isipan na sa gulang na 18 ay wala pa rin akong nagiging kasintahan. Ni isa.

Postscript to Plip

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Have you ever wondered where writers get the names for their characters?  I would guess that certain words in English or other languages can be reconstructed to become fictional characters' names!  Should there be Ilocanos reading through my "Untitled Short Story", they'd realised by now about the Captain and First Mate's names as ilocano terms-- in disguise.

"Lee Pac" is lipaq in Ilocano, as in slap for English or sampal in Tagalog... while "Allen Tao-Eng" would be alintaweng in Ilocano, or pamali-mali in Tagalog and confused for English.  Of course, you may also have your own definitions in relation to those words I detailed here.  Speaking them can easily cut across other like-minds or regionality, compared to reading and disagreeing later.


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Before I began doing write-ups I was an avid comic book reader.  Then I stashed along some sci-fi and fantasy/adventure-type of novels.  And by looking through both fields, it has lent me the bits and pieces of what showed in my stories.  I do try to imbibe some humor but it sounds somewhat surreal to most, or so my wife tells me.

"It is there... only others may not see it your way", she suggested.

With that, I also felt the need to first polish my English, since I do my work(s) using it.  Other people may not have the luxury to follow my thoughts if I use far-flung ideas that tell simple situations.  And I've fallen for such traps already, past and present.  Being too secluded from the Sun makes me as solitary as that billboard ad in the "Untitled Short Story".

Carving My Thoughts For Others To Read

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I'm not sure how I do it but, I do write whatever that comes to mind.  Whether it's poetry, essay or short story... I tackle my moods accordingly.  And most of the time I don't even stop to see whether I used the correct elements of composition and grammar.  If it feels right, then I let it stand.

I guess that makes me the virtual writer that I pictured myself here.  Never serious, even to my own works.  I see life the way I live it... with a smile, a cupful of humor and forward thinking.  Although it may sound otherwise at times, I think of things as how they should be, no matter what.  And if I should have periods of absences for the blogs I hold in my fictitious name, that's because I truly do not have anything to say.

Avoiding One of the Risks in Writing (Never forget to read guidelines!)

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Most of budding writers in a hurry to submit or post their works, forget the most important part of the process in publishing---Reading the guidelines.

In any form of publishing whether its in electronic form or printed form, the first thing to do is to read the guidelines. The guidelines will tell you;

E. Ruth Borromeo is a freelance writer; writes essays, short stories, feature articles and other forms of writing.

wah..please enlighten me on the elements of poetry

by tabasko ( | | | | | | | )

ummm..i need help..i don't understand the elemnts of poetry when these are written/explained in filipino..can someone tell me what himig, talinghaga, tinig and et cetera are in english?-for an assignment..

kelangan ko po ng tulong ano po ba ang himig,talinghaga, tinig at iba pang elemento ng tula sa ingles?o kung pwede po simpleng depinisyon?kelangn ko po kasi sa eskwela..hehe

E-mail to AH

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parts of e-mail to AH:

sabi nga isang editor ko, 'what's the use of writing if you don't mean to have it read by someone else?'

oo nga naman, diaries and personal journals are for the writers alone. although, nagiging hit sya after so many years...falls down in the category of autobiography na rin.

however, there are writings like musings, gaya ng ginawa ko ng 'man of the night' na pwede i-share para makapag-isip yung mga readers. we may not realize it, but through writing of our thoughts, we could also impart wisdom in it.

E-mail to JT

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parts of an e-mail to JT:

one simple reason, why some people frowns on


it doesn't pay much but uses a lot of time, effort and attention.

writing does not make you rich not unless you became lucky like J.K. Rowling. 

in this country; writing in any form is a hard sell.

no writer particularly when they're just establishing themselves went straight to writing and managed to have a decent life; most of us still holds a day job. heck, even newscasters do moonlighting.

frustrating and disappointing most of the time; either the editors trying to change everything from the title to its content thereby losing the essence to fit the commercial types of magazines that advertisers only dares to try.

do you know how much they pay writers per piece?

Writing downslides 2: Decadent

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Basically, whoever writer you come across with will tell you that the common ailment of most writers is laziness or cowardliness.  How to avoid it?
1. Always carry a pen and a paper-Though there are some who are also enterprising enough to use anything available at hand whenever an idea strikes unexpectedly in most unlikely places.  Be it a chocolate wrapper, ticket, tissues or napkin.

E. Ruth Borromeo is a freelance writer for magazines, does press releases and other forms of writing.

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