Jean Vengua Wins The Filamore Tabios, Sr. Memorial Poetry Prize

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We are pleased to announce the recipient of “The Filamore Tabios, Sr. Memorial Poetry Prize” is


for her manuscript, PRAU.

Ms. Vengua (Santa Cruz, CA) will receive a U.S.$1,000.00 prize and PRAU will be published by Meritage Press (www.meritagepress.com) for a release date in Fall 2007.

We would like to thank the poets who participated in this contest. We read many wonderful poems by other participants. In particular, we would like to acknowledge Finalist/Second Place Winner Edgar B. Maranan (Quezon City) for the lovely lyricism and imagery displayed in his manuscript, STAR MAPS & OTHER POEMS.

Hang-over ng kwento ni lola

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dahil sa overwhelm ako sa kwento ni lola ibibigay ko ang kwento ng isang kaibigan na nag-asawa sa edad na disisais.

Malambing ang tinginan ng mag-asawa sa mga unang taon ng kanilang pagsasama.

Kinaiinggitan ang madalas na PDA (Public Display of Affection) nila. Kulay rosas lagi ang paligid, minsan may natutuwa pero mas marami ang naiinis, di na lang daw kasi gawin sa loob ng bahay kung ano man ang gusto nilang gawin.

Pero gaya din ng maraming mag-asawa, ng lumaon nabuhay din sila ng normal (di pala normal ang maglambingan ng maglambingan lol!) — nag-aaway, nagbabati, nag-aaway, nagbabati.


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wala sa plano na umpisan 'to, nang ora mismo.  mahirap din talaga simulan.  lalu pa't kaunaunahan.  hindi ko nga alam kung pa'no.  makailang beses ko naman naisip na magkaroon ng ganito.  subalit wala nga talagang lakas ng loob na kumusa.

hangga't kanina.

sa kabila ng hindi maintindihang panahon mula sa kinalalagyan ko.  aaraw.  uulan.  dadampi ang malamig na simoy ng hangin.  hanggang sa magparamdam na ang takipsilim.  ayan, nalulungkot na naman ako.

andaming kwentong nais na pumailanlang.  pipigilan ko na muna.

sana maging mabunga ang mga susunod na talata.

Scriptwriting Workshops With Jose Javier Reyes

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Award-winning writer and director Jose Javier Reyes announces the launching of IMAGINE NATION, a media workshop center for aspiring and professional writers and practitioners for film and television.

IMAGINE NATION will provide a series of short term basic, advanced and specialized courses in various aspects of film and television production. Direk Joey will personally conduct these sessions limited to a maximum of 15 selected participants. Each course will cover ten lecture and two viewing sessions.

For its initial offerings, courses in Basic Television Writing and Basic Screenwriting will be opened. Applicants are required to submit their biodata, two id photos as well as a sample of their writing in either English or Pilipino not exceeding two pages. A personal interview will be scheduled by Direk Joey for the final selection of the participants.

All sessions will be held twice a week at Imagine Nation, located at Scout Tuazon Street in Quezon City. Interested parties may call Jeremy Santiago at 4121469 from 10 am to 5 pm for details.

Math Warfare

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In one of my Literature classes, a student raised his hand and asked me point-blank what I consider the toughest challenge of my life so far. I came up with only one answer: MATHEMATICS.

If there is one thing that I regret most about my childhood, it would have to be the time I received a 79% mark in Mathematics for the first grading period. I was in Grade six then.

Birthday Blues

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I turned a year older a few weeks ago..Frankly speaking, I was not so thrilled. It finally dawned on me that in four years' time, I'll be 30.Shucks!

At 5, people ask you what you want to be when you grow up.You come up with answers that your parents imposed on you --- a doctor, lawyer, teacher, nurse and what have you.I remember quite well that at such an early age, my answer had always been: teacher.For my birthday and even during Christmas, I wished for a mini blackboard and a box of multi-colored chalk. I think every kid has gone through the same phase. I would incessantly prod my Lolo to buy me this blackboard which had the English alphabet and on the left corner was a mini clock.When I finally had it, I was ready to die. That was my first passion.My Lolo had it nailed on the wall so I could finally live out my dream.


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Watching people in their unguarded moments is an art that I learned so well through time. I am in no way a spy nor a mentally-deranged snoop but merely an observer of human life, its natural behavior as well as its eccentricities.

I used to believe that people behave differently at certain situations but through constant scrutiny, I'm convinced that we all deal with life's complexities in a surprisingly exact fashion.Our eyes sparkle at the sight of our beloved; we get thrilled at discovering a crisp envelope in our mailbox; we flare up when a significant other shows up one hour late for dinner and we get annoyed at finding a long queue of shoppers at a counter when all you have in hand is a toilet paper.

Life Has A Purpose

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I have a lot of dreams

So many things I want to be

Yet I'm so frightened

To be just simple old me.


I can't help worrying

So many problems come my way

Why can't things go right

I long to have a better day


But if life were truly perfect

I doubt I'd find contentment

For in every trial I face

There comes a need for discernment.


Now my goal is to achieve

In bringing light to shine for all

Regardless of who or what they are

So they can respond fully to God's call.


How to Do Interviews for Your Freelance Writing Article

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Now that you’ve got the job and have come to an agreement with the editor regarding your feature article’s angle (how the article is to be written), and the business side -– payment, etc., it’s now time to do the interviews which will provide the material for your feature article.

Dino Manrique is the owner/publisher of FilipinoWriter.com. You may reach him at filipinowriter (at) gmail (dot) com.

Getting The Details Right After Your Article Proposal Is Accepted

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At last, after sending your article proposal to a number of international publications, you finally get a yes! One of the publications’ editors e-mails a reply, and tells you that they love your feature idea.

Now what? What do you say to the editor? What are the things you have to keep in mind when negotiating with her? Well, as a guide, I made a checklist of the things to consider once your article query is accepted.

Publication rates

Dino Manrique is the owner/publisher of FilipinoWriter.com. You may reach him at filipinowriter (at) gmail (dot) com.

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