Walang Puwang

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Lumiliit na ang bahay para sa atin

Gayong ikaw lamang at ako ang dito'y lumalagi.

Kaninang sinasalubsob ko ang diwa sa tula

Naroon ka sa ating hapagkainan

Nakaupo ka sa plato, naka sandal sa tasa

Pinagmamasdan akong sumulat ng mga linya

“Ito ang minamahal kong mga daliri” – sabi mo sa akin

Author! Author!

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Literary Authorship through the Ages


The concept of author—for this discussion, any progenitor of a literary work—has undergone mutation in varying degrees and periods in history. This following historical narrative, or sort of genealogy tries to trace the development of the “author” as it is related to contemporary literary understanding.


In the Middle Ages, the concept was attached to the auctores, those authors of certain books trivium and quadrivium, which were vital texts for young men of learning. Auctores, like Aristotle, Ptolemy and the Bible were in the etymological sense of the word—”a writer whose words commanded respect and belief.” They stemmed from some sort of supremacy, enacting and making possible Divine Revelation to those who read them. As such, auctores established the ruling order, and sanctioned moral and political authority of the medieval culture. In the feudal age, authority was limited to the people in hierarchy, and thus truth and order and meaning.


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I recently heard the song Comfort in Your Strangeness being played as I was about to alight from the MRT train ride. Surprised and very delighted because it’s very rare that I get to hear it being aired over the radio, I deliberately missed boarding off my station just to finish the entire song. I especially liked this song for its simple yet almost esoteric appeal. It comes with the plain words and a very unflustered rendition, but it sort of stirs a whole wide range of emotions as you listen to it. Nothing fancy and almost indie, it’s the kind of song that you could listen to over and over and still not get weary. Just maybe, if a guy would play and sing it to me subtly and nicely, I might just fall upon my knees and beg him to marry me. Hehe. Kidding.

Unintended, Unaffected

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Understanding G. K. Wimsatt and Monroe Beardsley’s

“The Intentional Fallacy” and “The Affective Fallacy”

“A reader uncovers the truth of literature not by consulting the oracle but by looking carefully at the internal evidence of the text’s form.”

To attain an understanding of any piece of literary work, a reader needs to reject the idea of an author’s intention. Instead of being concerned with the author’s intentions or reasoning, the reader should use and rely upon their knowledge of linguistics and literary elements to form a conclusion regarding the ‘thematic focus and unity of the work.’

Literary Lions at UP-Baguio

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Baguio City
Dear Friend:
The UP Baguio Cordillera Studies Center cordially invites you to a Roundtable Discussion on New Trends in Philippine Literature on Friday, 30 March 2007 , 3:00
p.m. at the Multipurpose Hall of the University of the Philippines Baguio.
Co-sponsored by the UP Institute of Creative Writing, the RTD provides an opportunity for writers, critics, teachers, and literature students to converse on the state of creative writing in the Philippines.

Move on

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I've been living a normal life.

I've been trying to lead my life like i used to.

It was not easy for me, but i was always trying to have a

positive attitude.

But what made me feel sad like this?

The season changes so slowly, but it's for sure.

I can't stay in the same season...

Time still passes.

Little by little, i'm getting further away from that day.

What i was looking for and what i am looking for are not the same.

The view is also different.

Everything changes...

The only things that can stay the same are memories.

Luisa Gloria Wins 2006 NWU Poetry Contest

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Posted by Victoria Paz Cruz at the oovreaders yahoogroup:

OOV Press Release


On 7 March 2007, the National Writers Union announced Luisa Igloria as
the winner of their 2006 NWU Poetry Contest. In selecting Igloria's
poem "Descent", Poet Adrienne Rich judged it " outstanding as a work
of language and visualization of history." The NWU has a $1,000 prize
and offers publication of the winning poem in Poetry Flash.

In yet another contest in January 2007, Igloria's poem "Venom" was
selected by former U.S. Poet Laureate Ted Kooser for the 2007 James


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I am a man of SCIENCE and i am a believer of GOD. I am brought up in the most religious way my mother could and up to this day, i am very grateful for what she did. She have founded my faith on solid ground.

My faith is not a blind faith. Although I became a believer of God because that was what my mother instilled in my malleable mind when i was a kid but as i was growing up, it is still the same faith that i carried when i was young. As i become more aware of the things around me, as a grasp for more knowledge everyday, as i continue to journey in life, the more unstaggering and unwavering my belief that a Supreme being exists. That indeed, there is God!

Si Miming - Pls. I need comments on this stories - Ty.

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NASA grade five ang pangalawang anak namin, si Kaye. Umuwi siya isang hapon mula sa school bitbit ang isang kuting. Payat at halos magkakadikit pa ang mga talukap ng mga mata ng kuting dahil sa kapal ng natutuyong muta.

            “ Wow…may miming na tayo,” bulalas ni Kulet, ang bunso namin.

            Agad na pinagyaman ng magkapatid ang kuting. Naglagay ng mantika sa isang malinis na basahan si Kaye at nilinis ang mga mata ng pusa. Nang lumabas mula sa kanilang silid si Kulet, bitbit na nito ang isang kahon ng sapatos.

Lara Saguisag Wins 2006 Writing for Children Chapbook Series Award in New York

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Lara Saguisag, former faculty member of the UP Diliman Department of English and Comparative Literature, won the 2006 Writing for Children Chapbook Series for her collection of poems, “Children of Two Seasons.” The chapbook will be released either in late March or early April 2007.

The 2006 Writing for Children Chapbook Series is a writing competition organized by the Writing Program of The New School, a university in Greenwich Village, New York known for its commitment to creative writing. The 75-year-old university is described as “a vital center for writing and instruction of writing.”

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