The Happy and the Better Life

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The happy and the better life

(Published on the Manila Bulletin's Broken Silence column, May 22, 2007)


I don’t have any plans of permanently leaving the Philippines. There was never a moment in my life that I thought of riding an airplane and stay away from my motherland where I was born and made me realize what life is really all about.


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She wanted to write.
She has always dreamed of being a writer.
But words escape her and the pen betrays her.
She wanted a writer.
Someone who became who she longed to be.
And she met one.
His words, deep and meaningful, bore down on her
like two eyes looking at her soul, gently but intently.
He serenaded her spirit
with expressions surpassing notes of the sweetest melody.
And with him, she fell from the high place, her safety, to the deep.
He wrote her everything about his love.
She loved everything he wrote.
Time passed and love blossomed,
like flowers in May, like ink on paper
in the hands of the writer
whose love she claimed.
But like flowers, affection withered.
Like ink, word dulled.
He spoke and it wasn't love anymore.
The love she knew became the pain she bore.
the flowered love he gave is now nothing but thorns.
On the paper he once wrote her love,
she now carved her first sonnet,
"This is goodbye, my love."

New here!!

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 So here I'm having the courage to publicly showcase my wishful thinking of being a literary artist. I'm new, and I'm up to the challenge. Hope this will do good, now i have a venue for my creative thinking! Tomorrow I will start to post my works!

Musings From Life

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"The Muses" 


They come when they want to

Twirling around their sashes- incense fabricating my vision


Drums roll and beat my pulse as we quest through ingenuity

and I question their given gender


As a woman, God should have sent them as men

Their ritual dance would have been quite an entertainment. 


- Fur Elise Da Mirage

ang LIFE just Like a Binhi

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     LIFE? are you serious enough of your life? we have to because according to L. Ron Hubbard in his book DIANETICS " the Science of a Healthy Mind" that the main goal of a man is to survive. In order for us to live is to survive. Survival is the main thing we are stiving to stay alive. But in life, there are lots of suppresors that we should be avoided. This is what we call maybe a slice of a part of life. not at all times we have good life. It is a normal thing to experienced the ups and downs of life. A life has a cycle to follow, whether we like it or not we cannot stay long here on earth. All life has end-point. just the way it is we have to take life seriously. We have only one life to live and we should live it according to what we believe that could makes us better. living in love is the is one of the secrets of a happy life. Just like in the song "The Greatest Love" we can easily achieve the greatest love of all if we learn to love first ourselves and our very life. We should never to walked on anyone shadow, if we failed and we succeed then it's good at least we live to what we believe.

I remember a "Friend"

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The First time ever I gaze into your eyes
I mirror a reflection of myself
& the Fear that dwells inside haunts me -
When all of my heart, You hold it through your hands
In darkest weather & deepest despair ...I witnessed your care - so rare
like a farmer uprooting a frail tree..Clinging, thrusting it to Earth’s soil firmly
You emerge too like a rainbow.. looms over cloud of my dire sorrow
a lovely token of new tomorrow
Such stubborn fondness...washes away my dreariness
suddenly, my world’s not gloomy ...as it used to be
But we swim against great tide ...It disjoint our spirits aside
akin to a frantic yell ...awaking us from spell of our tale
Birds come & go, and human so

when you flew back to your nest ...I remain at rest - why?


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Ang bayan kong Pilipinas

Dati kang lupain ng ginto't bulaklak

Ngayon sa kumunoy ikaw ay nakasadlak

Dati ay may pag-ibig sa iyong palad

Nag-alay ka ng ganda't dilag

Ngayon, pag-ibig nila ay kumupas

Alay na ganda't dilag ay puno ng paglibak


Pilipinas ko, ikaw ay dating minumutya

Ngunit ngayon bakit ikaw ay kinukutya?

Dati'y pugad ka ng luha't dalita


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I love you,
Forever I'll do
Even if in fate, you may not be the one
But for me, you're the only one
No matter how many times they keep us apart
We will never have a change of hearts
If I have to go to heaven
And convince them
Then I'll do
Just to prove our love is true
We may have parted our ways
But our love, I know forever will stay
For now, you will have your time and I will have mine
But this I promise you, forever I'll wait for you
Someday we will be together


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When you had me with your goodbyes
I cant believe you didn’t see the pain inside my eyes
Those words I never thought Id hear from you
Those words I never knew can painfully break my heart in two

Everyday I walk around with a smile upon my face
But loneliness had my heart traced
The tears of my heart just wont go away
Im still hoping youd come back and stay

I know I gotta move on someday
But someday it seems too far away
Tonight Ill just hold you close and dream of you

BALIW NA PAG-IBIG (By Manger Areted)

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