Dalawang Kuwento Ng Pag Ibig

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Unang Kuwento

“Pull over”, ang sabi ni Marlon sa Pakistani na taxi driver.

“Here,” sabay abot ng bayad at baba sa taxi. Hustong pagyapak ng kanyang mga paa sa lupa ay napalinga siya sa paligid.

“Hay, daming tao dito sa Balad” bulong niya sa sarili.

“Biyernes na naman kasi.” Sabay lakad patungong Corniche Commercial Center. Habang naglalakad ay iniisip niya si Gary. Dito rin niya nakilala si Gary dalawang buwan na ang nakakalipas. Naglalakad siya noon sa labas ng Queens Building ng nakita niya ang isang lalaki na nakatayo sa may gilid ng Mc Donalds na nangingilid ang luha at parang balisa.

Reporting under the gun

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The fourth estate (the media) is the watchdog of the government, it protects the interest of the public and guards the abuse powers of the unworthy official. And this institution aims to challenged and improve the methods of governance being run in our country.

But it seems that the Government, look at the media as a threat to them and not an allied in nation building. Even though it is stated in the Philippine Constitution 1986, that the freedom of the press should not be abridge; still the media practitioners could not exercise the full extent of freedom.

The case of Melinda Magsino, is just one of the hundreds of story being buried into forgetfulness, we are used to hearing radio commentators, media men, and journalist being hunted down and killed. And the Philippine masses is callous with this kinds of events. It is all part of a struggling third world country, trying to redeem itself from all the characteristics of being a third world country.

Undoing of the Twins

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She heard somewhere that hugs are therapeutic, which means it helps with healing, and it also lifts you up when you're down.

Save for family, she had never hugged anyone before. She doesn't mean passing friend hugs--the kind that last for a few seconds. This is about a real hug--her ideal hug--a tight embrace, something that steals her breath and makes her knees grow weak. This is about an embrace that makes her forget time and everything around her. You'd think she's talking about a kiss.

She's done group hugs, and she usually find herself meshed in the middle with all the other warm bodies around her, noise ringing in her ears with "GROUP HUG!!!" She loves those, but it's not quite the same as her ideal.

Kristian Sendon Cordero Wins 6th Madrigal-Gonzales Best First Book Award

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Last December 8, 2006, the 6th Madrigal-Gonzales Best First Book Award ceremony was held at the Claro M. Recto Hall of the University of the Philippines Faculty Center. My kababayan, Kristian Sendon Cordero, was announced the winner for his book of poems, Mga Tulang Tulala: Piling Tula sa Filipino, Bikol at Rinconada, published by GoldPrint Publishing House.


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Writing, for me, is a passion first. A skill also, yes, but that comes secondary. I guess it is easy to be skillful about something if you have the passion for it, although a person may also be skillful about a thing without being passionate about it, although I don’t know where that would lead. Perhaps to boredom, to a dead end…

But being a passion, I started with writing in pure emotion – writing what I feel, what I hate about the world, what I love about it, why I am angry at the moment, who the person inspiring me right now is… things like that. Until now, I still do. But sometimes, I still find myself in a dead end. I have compiled my writings in a notebook. Some are in loose leaf pages. Oftentimes, I don’t know what to do with them. I’ve been dreaming to publish them in print someday (well, I think all writers and aspiring writers – I am more in the second category – want to have their works published). The thing is, I don’t know where to start. Do I publish them online? I am starting now, though with doubts. Will doing so affect future possibilities for publication in print? Besides, I feel like I still am in the very early stage of being a writer. I am unsure of the next steps to take in order to reach that top of the ladder (not being on top, just reaching my goal – coming up with something sensible that will qualify for publication). I’ve thought of joining writing competitions and things like that – ways to enter the literary world. Many times, I still don’t feel like I am a part of it. Or perhaps, I just don’t know the real meaning of it. Or I don’t know. Am I making sense? Okay, where am I? Okay, starting… I have plans, only plans… I am planning to take my master’s degree in Creative Writing, but there seems to be no university here in Bicol which offers that. I have tried looking for online degrees here in the Philippines. There seems to be none either. So, I guess I really have to get out of my comfort zone and explore the unknown. I really still have to make up my mind whether I’ll go to Manila to pursue creative writing.

The Beginning

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I can still remember the first time I discovered that I wanted to write, which was also the first time when I had written something I can call different from all the other stuffs that I’ve written before. I was in my secondary years and I had an uncle whose past time then was shooting birds (my grandparents’ place is in a remote area that is almost forested). One afternoon, uncle came home with two small birds with feathers the color of leaves. The other one was dead while the other was still alive but already dying, with a bullet planted in its throat. Uncle placed them on top of the water tank, and I could not take my eyes off them – in pity and in emotions that I could not express during those times.

Filipinos are hopeless... But not me!

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Wrapping it up....

Unemployed people feel useless and inferior

Unemployed people are prone to depression

Unemployed people love to complain and whine

Unemployed people are lonely and talks too much

Unemployed people ask for advice but would not heed them because they don't want responsibilities.

With the realization of their laziness, they wallow in self-pity and cuss
the world around them, blaming every little flaw in their family, their
friends, their jobs and the government.

Philippines is packed with unemployed people with such nature. That's why while
95% (I'm exaggerating) of the people here flame at each other like the beasts

holding my growth back

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I am trying to get out of my niche but somebody stops me... I am trying to get out from mere boredom but somebody pulls me back...I am trying the advance but somebody triggers me to come in basics...I am trying to grow but somebody holds my growth.

No one really points a knife on my neck to do these so. But my conscience can't afford to have a fast forward while somebody is left behind... I can't take to see my fellow soldier dying in a battle while i am striving for my own survival. I almost reach the finish line but i ran back to help the stumbled one.

it is amazing to stand out in a crowd and be looked up by everyone...But I rather be a dwarf forever, looking up to help those tall feel they stand out.

Iesous a.k.a. Joshua (Servant of God)

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I was encoding Numbers but I had to go to the province and I was not here for 12 days.  I arrived May 10 and got back to the computer and internet.  Unfortunately after 5 days my monitor blacked out and the problem was my Windows XP Pro.  The computer went back online May 24 pm but all records were deleted.  The hard disk was like formatted and so ... headaches.

While I was on vacation, I was able to translate Deuteronomy.  And during the time when the computer was down, I was able to translate the book of Joshua.  In the Septuagint, it appears that the name Joshua is Iesous.  He was the servant of God after Mouses who led the Israelites to the promised land as God did not allow Mouses to enter therein because he with Aaron sinned.

Bewitching Hour

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The chugging sound
of ac
vibrate through the walls,
the pounding
on the door
louder than the calls,

mangy mirage
photo-real; engraved.
Hypnotize, mesmerize,
keep it far at large-

Warp it
through your blanket,
like milk in hot chocolate;
is limped

cause dippy,
is limped

sleep seeps off
drowsiness lost
cause dippy, caffeinated is limped.

Sit up
get up
face up

sweet image
toss them in the dark,

cause dreams
will pass;

cause dreams
will pass;

cause dreams
will pass,

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