for you

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For you,

Well, I guess I may sound exaggerated if I say that I’m thankful that we’ve gone this far.  I know it isn’t enough to say that it’s already been too long for us.  But no matter how you react about it, I would still wanted you to know that I am happy that we did it and those times being together is worth reminiscing.  I believe that this is just the beginning of some more months and hopefully years that we still have to take.

I often say “thanks” to you, for the good things you showed me…. For loving me….  But I guess I forgot to tell you how much I really am thankful for being a part of your life.  You didn’t know how much I admire you and how much I believe in you.  And if ever the whole world wouldn’t believe in you anymore, I would still be there for you.  

collaboration, anyone?

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first time ko sa site na 'to, kind of nawawala... basta gusto ko lang i-release yung mga images na nasa isip ko.lundagan ng lundagan e hindi ko alam paano pakawalan ng may saysay... got lots of ideas but dont know how make it work! accident lang ng masearch ko ang site ne 'to, or call it devine interventaion. i'm just searching on how to make a cand--or better yet, i'm searching on how to make money-- but here i am, trying to get some disturb attention or maybe someone who has the same problem with me, it's been a dream to write a novel, a book, a film...but all was a dream until now...so much inferiority i think...but who doesnt have one? kahit pa siguro presedente merong inferiority complex... anyway, im jusy looking a place to post my thoughts, trying to search writing competition kahit hindi ko alam papaano sasali o gagawin... if ever, you are the same with me...maybe we can work things out by collaboration...just hoping... dont know when can i visit this site again, or if i can still visit the site, but i'll try asap. just hoping to hear someone like me. text me

My Sweetest Stranger

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I can hardly take a step

away from what we had

to forget about you

is like forgetting who I am


Loving you is my thing to do

but I need to walk away

'cause you're no longer here

no longer here to stay


You told me before that it

doesn't matter if I turn you away

'cause you'll stay with me and be

my sweetest stranger, forever


I guess you'll stay that way

you'll be my sweetest stranger

nevertheless, just a stranger

that really makes me wonder


Miles apart from each other

Word smith: fix thy anvil.

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The author missed a couple of days writing insights due to domestic and personal tasks performed. Notice the third person context. This was thought to us when we were still in high school. This style connotes formality. But, I digress.
I prefer writing to reading. When I write I invoke different images in my mind to form the substance of my inspiration. Unlike reading, which often involves the logical hemisphere of the brain, writing involves more creative thought in order to put into words what is usually ineffable.
I am not really sure how other respected and consummate writers do it, but I believe that we develop our own styles, through the application of different techniques. I admire the works of the late Mr. Teodoro Benigno who has inspired me to pursue this project. Mr. Conrado de Quiros has acted as the catalyst, while the venerable Mr. Max Soliven has contributed to the process. These people have served as the impetus for my undertaking. Yet, it doesn’t mean that I emulate their manner of word painting. They’re the masters of written text, and I am not even the shadow of their skill even if say, they are inebriated. As a consolation, I read somewhere that amateurs have the edge over professionals when it comes to motivation. When you do a task that you like, even though you receive no compensation, you still do it out of love. Whereas, if you do something because it is your job, you do it because your work demands no less. You wouldn’t get your salary for failure to comply —or worse, get fired.

Various Genre of LOVE

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 Love is the noblest stimulus that soothes even the morsel part of ones vein.  Even if it’s sometimes called “bewildering love” we can consider it as one of the most precious gifts of all from mankind. Love is an emotion of expressing our feeling of adoring, caring, sharing, accepting, giving, respecting, and nurturing of others. It serves as a unique inspiration that enriches ones’ persona. People needs love, World needs love, every living things needs love. Indeed, love plays a major role in each one our lives by contiguous people such as family, friends, special someone and significant others.

Byahe ng Bus ng Buhay

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About several days na akong nagco-commute through work, besides ilang beses na rin akong nakkikipagsiksikan, nakikipaghabulan sa mga bus (kaya ayoko ng high heels eh) Typically tayuan dahil punuan. Indeed, ilang beses ko nang napapansin na ibat-ibang klase ng passengers particularly mga “bhoyz” ang sakay sakay nitong transport bus. Eh di eto ang siste, tayo ang lola mo, pero wag ka, ilang beses akong standing obation pero, maraming bese naman din akong binibigyan ng sit ng mga piling gentleman na to, mapateenager man or may edad. Ang saya dibah?.. Bigla ko tuloy naisip, sa panahon ngayon meron pa pala na mga nagmamagandang-loob atmga gentleman na willing ibigay ang kanilang pre-occupied sit sa mga “ghurlz” na tulad ko(kahit na ganito lang ako) Syempre di lahat ng passengers ganon. Marami pa rin ang tulog (tulug-tulugan) at mga nagpapatay malisya na walang lady na nakatayo. One time nga I saw this lady who has red half-face, yung parang birthmark all over her face… Sumakay siya along Buendia of course puno kaya tayo siya… Siguro alam niyo na sunod….? Nope mali kayo ng iniisip… tayo siya ever hanggang makarating siya sa destination niya.. Nasabi ko na lang tuloy, “ganon ba talaga?” por que ganon ba ang itsura ng isang tao di mo na tutulungan or papansisin. Super na-sad tuloy ako..


Buhay ng isang konduktor

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“Oh Alabang, Susana, San Pedro! Marami pa makakupo, makakaupo!” Sigaw ng konduktor sa mga pasaherong nag-aabang ng masasakyan sabay ang pagsampa sa hagdan ng iilang taong patungo na sa kani-kanilang destinasyon. Biyaheng Pacita – Malinta ang plakang nakalagay sa unahang salamin ng bus, malaki ito at laging may nakalagay na “E-pass” at “Skyway” para naman makatawag pansin sa mga pasaherong nagmamadali. Ngunit kung minsa’y magtyatyaga na lang sa pagtatawag kahit walang “Skyway-Epass” na nakapaskil. Todo sa pagtawag ang konduktor para makakota sa maghapong kikitain, “O marami pa makakupo, San Pedro – Pacita Skyway!” Muling sigaw ng konduktor sa sumunod na lugar na hinintuan ng bus. Wala masyadong pasahero palibhasa’y nataong Sabado, ngunit kung ordinaryong araw ng pasok ng mga empleyado nakakarami ng pasahero, pero minsan talaga’y kuntento na sa pangilan-ngilang seserbisyuhan. “Ano ba yan, ang tagal naman niyan!” bulyaw ng isang matabang mamang pasahero, dahilan upang mag-umpisa na ring magreklamo ang mangilan-ngilang pasahero. “Male-late na kami niyan sa trabaho” sigaw pa ng isang babaeng nakapang-opisina. Patuloy pa rin sa pagrereklamo ang iilang pasahero. “Pasensiya na ho kelangan talagang kumota!” pagdepensa ng konduktor. “Sana’y inagahan niyo ang alis para hindi kayo male-late, pare-parehas naman po tayong naghahanapbuhay!” sambit na lang ng konduktor sa kanyang sarili. “O Pacita-Susana!” Ang huling hirit na tawag ng kundoktor sa mga naka-antabay na pasahero sa kalsada. “Hop – may sasakay” wika ng kundoktor sa driver para habulin ang matandang babaeng kumakaway, senyales na ito ay sasakay. “Oh Nay hawak po” sabi ng konduktor habang inaalalayan ang matanda sa pagsakay.

Emblazon Life!

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"Of all God's gifts to the sighted man, color is holiest, the most divine, the most solemn." --John Ruskin


Erstwhile are you mystified how colorful your life is? Or at a time wonders what color your life depicts nowadays? Or be able to conceive what color to cast in your life? Perhaps all of us cognizes each color of our life because Color limns life in many and different ways.  


In our own special language we have meaning for colors and how it was applied to our bios. People respond to different colors in different ways, and these responses took place on a subconscious, emotional level. Color signifies different event in our lives, and sometimes we used it as useful and powerful tool we have. People use color to interpret their emotions, actions, thoughts, experiences and how we respond to various people, things & ideas.



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>out of love<
its sad when you wake up one morning and then realize that the person you thought you have loved all your life is really not the one you wanna grow old with. what is much sadder is that no matter how much you try, you just could not feel love any more. falling out of love could be much colder than the prison cells of Azkaban. 
fallen out of love. its not me and hopefully i will not find myself in such a situation. feelings could be fleeting sometimes and somehow i realized that it does not matter how long have you been together or how far would you go. sometimes, no matter how much we know the one we love, in the end we still do not have the slightest idea...and then we wonder what went wrong....and then regret that we have either loved too much or too little... and simply accept the reality that love is lost....


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“Kulang ito…”  bulong ni Raven matapos i-withdraw ang lahat ng pera sa kanyang ATM.

Iiling-iling na lamang niyang itinago sa pitaka ang pera matapos niyang matantiyang kakapusin na naman siya at di aabot ang pera bago dumating ang katapusan.

Maraming naglalaro sa kanyang isipan ng tumunog ang kanyang cellphone.


“Sino na naman kayang kamote itong nag text sa akin?”  sabi niya sa isip niya habang dinudukot ang cellphone sa bulsa.

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