Reporter vs Expert - Why Most Bloggers Are Stuck Reporting

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There are basically two types of bloggers in the world - reporters and experts - and some people perform both roles (usually the experts, it’s hard for reporters to become experts, but it’s easy for experts to report).

This article was by Yaro Starak, a professional blogger and my blog mentor. He is the leader of the Blog Mastermind mentoring program designed to teach bloggers how to earn a full time income blogging part time.

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10 Blog Traffic Tips

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In every blogger's life comes a special day - the day he first launches a new blog. Now unless you went out and purchased someone else''s blog chances are your blog launched with only one very loyal reader - you. Maybe a few days later you received a few hits when you told your sister, father, girlfriend and best friend about your new blog but that''s about as far you went when it comes to finding readers.

This article was by Yaro Starak, a professional blogger and my blog mentor. He is the leader of the Blog Mastermind mentoring program designed to teach bloggers how to earn a full time income blogging part time.

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Payment Methods for International Freelance Writing

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One of the usual questions I get when I tell others that I write for international publications is how I get paid.

Well, here are the main ways you get to be remunerated once your article is accepted:

Dino Manrique is the owner/publisher of FilipinoWriter.com. You may reach him at filipinowriter (at) gmail (dot) com.


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Tell me. Will you love me if I tell you right now, “I love you?” Would you even care if I drop a single tear all because of the love of you? I’m not quite sure if I truly love you. You don’t have to bother and help me in answering those questions. All I know is: you’re making my life all complicated. I know that I’m happy with my life right now. I know that I’m all satisfied with my single life. Why do you still have to bother with my head?


I don’t know if I should tell you that I’ve had sleepless nights. I don’t know if I should show you how wrecked I am inside. I just can’t seem to answer the questions; these questions in my mind. I wanted to see the answers and fight; but I just can’t give love just a single try.


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my sunset,

my life,

i wish,

for a second,

i could be at rest,

i wish for a moment,

i could fly,

fly so high,

high and away,

from my life,

from everything,

from the chaos,

from the madness.....


i wish to lose all my reasons...

for you (part 2)

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For you,

A few weeks back you sent me a message that will make me cry over and over with joy because I felt so loved and thought of.  I never thought you would think of me in that manner.  You shared about a dream of us being together, not in the life after, but rather in this lifetime; now, when the time is our enemy and fate is our destiny.  I know our “friendship” is already classified as “an impossible dream”.  But we survived and we keep on believing in this “friendship” and we know deep in ourselves that we are here, together, for reasons only us know.  I know this is too much for sanity.  And I believe this is one of the reasons why we are still here, for each other, knowing at the end of the road, there is a gate waiting for us, to carry us on to our next journey.  And there is patience, understanding, prayer, love, honesty, common ingredients to a beautiful “friendship”.

This Is How Much I love You

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You have come and touched my life

and made me feel how much you love me.

You always tell me that I'm your princess,

you showed me how much you care for me.

Everything you did and every words you said

are important to me, so in my heart I kept it.

You did lots of things to show your love for me.

I know, in your mind there's something you want to know.

You have query that needs an answer.

In your heart you want to feel if I really love you

and if I do, how much?

It's not enough saying it only to you,

so I showed it also.


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I am a filipino writer, and I have walked astray from my calling since from when I was in high school. Writing is my calling, and when the chance was given for me to respond to this calling and take the road which will take me to it came, I squandered the chance. I did not respond to this calling, and trudged the road that led me so far away from it. Because of this, my soul was lost, and I became a zombie. I was breathing but not alive. I walked astray from the very thing that makes my heart beat, and so in very endeavor that I did, I failed. I became nothing, and was almost non-existent, till I came to decide to take back the chance I squandered, go back to where this death of mine started, find my soul, and follow the road to where the reason my heart beats.

Pakitingnan naman itong nakuha kong blogs pls...Kakainis!!!

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palagay ko bawat pilipino ay nararapat magbahagi ng opinyon dito sang ayon man o hindi. nakakagalit ang mga ganiot uri ng tao lalo na kapag kapwa pilipino pa ang gumawa.  pls see tingog.com for further info about this subject.

Malu Fernandez, Manila Standard Today, Bigotry In The Media

With the recent irresponsible, elitist, bigoted, and discriminating comments made by Manila Standard Today columnist Marlu Fernandez in her People Asia magazine article “From Boracay to Greece” in which she makes many belittling comments about Overseas Filipino Workers and Filipinos in general, the response from Filipino bloggers have been overwhelming, and have not been light on the criticism. When do we say enough is enough and that we will no longer stand for the bigotry and discrimination that takes place, not only in this country but all around the world?

ang dahilan kung bakit ko isinulat to...

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Isa lang akong simpleng tao na may simpleng pangarap sa buhay.  Isa lang ako sa mga taong akala mo’y hindi nag-eexist dito sa mundo. Simple lang din ang routine ko sa buhay.  Gigising sa umaga, papasok sa trabaho, uuwi sa bahay, matutulog.  Ganun lang lagi kaya masaya ako kapag nagyayaya ang mga kasama ko sa trabaho na gumimik.  O kaya naman minsan niyayaya ko ang mama ko na manood ng sine.  Wag ka ng magtaka kung sya ang kasama ko kase wala naman na kong boyfriend.  Kung bakit e wag mo ng alamin kase baka I-chismis mo pa sa kapitbahay mo.  Saka hindi naman talaga yun ang dahilan kung bakit ko isinulat to.

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