In your own point of view, who do you think is more deserving to be the next President of the Philippines? (our Official Survey)

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Noynoy Aquino
57% (4 votes)
Manny Villar
14% (1 vote)
Bro. Eddie Villanueva
0% (0 votes)
Gibo Teodoro
29% (2 votes)
Joseph Estrada
0% (0 votes)
Total votes: 7

i wish the message was a BIG joke! :(

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i have learned yesterday about one of my closest cousins' death.

my mom told me that he did suicide!

i was terrified!
and i could have broke down if didn't hold my friend's hand.

how could he have done such????
it is so impossible!
and he was even more impossible!!!

i can't believe that Jerome could do that to his self.
he was such a big coward!

somebody might have caused his death.

i feel so empty, i want to scream out all the emptiness and silence inside me.

i will never have the chance to talk and play chess with him again.
i will never see him anymore.

Tidings It Brings

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Tidings it Brings
By: Seph Ramos
(March Blog)
By May 07, National Election for another time will be held in  the Philippine’s thousand Islands & the fever is on! Thanks to The Filipino Channel’s recurring updates  on latest breaking phenomenon that made us dynamic viewer-critics from here in the Mid-East.  There we are with the “Good News” -
PROGRESS DRIVES: On its advent, sleepy towns are enlivened with sudden mushrooming of beautification, livelihood & infrastructure projects.  At last, soiled streets are lighted & well paved,   walls dented with unpleasant graffiti’s are retouched, weather-beaten daycare centers, waiting sheds, & barangay halls are refurbished  to name a few – all made  possible by incumbent official’s sacrificial thinning of their pork barrels. As a package deal in such monumental endeavors, the heroes title are then stamped  alongside those.
AN INCOME OPPORTUNITY: Attn able in/out-door Tambays: roll-up  your sleeves, grab-in your Barkada’s & jump-fast  to your town assembly for a cash-earning Gimik. Ensure your  Team Captain has had your name registered & yahoo! You’ve got your free snacks, campaign cap or shirts & more interestingly, your mobile as well as your belly can be reloaded for the ff: day. Just be safe. Hired goons with guns might be snooping around so  your  “lagare” idea between two rival Party is not clever. You might lose thy gold, worst   your life (awful).
SPONSORSHIP POTENTIAL: Wishing for a Fairy GodParent to spell magic for your wedding & children offerings? Perhaps, your organizing a beauty pageant, fiesta celeb, sports fete but short with funds? Your having bright offsprings yet can’t further their schooling as you’re from the poorest of the poor class. Congratulations, the right season’s here to win a “willing” sponsor for that crucial event & scholarship. Easy term apply: Forget-Not your Patron’s pseudonym in your troop’s portfolio, streamers, player’s apparel &  in  each secret ballot for upcoming poll.
CLOSED-UP ENTERTAINMENT: From giant reels  & small tube, they came out in open to your crowded neighborhood waving, greeting with their fair hand reaching yours,  - their presence so tender, smile so loving, purpose so caring.  T-L-C from flawless celebrities & legendary TraPo’s?  Ghee, whose common Juan won’t say they’re not heartrobbing, captivating, …& vote winning?  
Natural Attraction
My  index finger have not long-time been stained by Comelec’s indelible ink, yet the political scenarios I grew-up with  lingers. It has daily signs, because. I can equate my experience to the magnificent Mt. Mayon in her ever-increasing smoke that vapors fervently in the sky – an  apparent symbol of a would-be emission. It is breathtaking & entertaining from afar  causing throng of starving & ignorant  on-lookers to flock, feast  & unearth together what it can bid. She’s smart enough to wow her mainstream audience.  Personally, its more of a sorry state to stay nearby. With pain & scars it engraved in my whole-being, I should be wiser & wary now.  I won’t let her charms  mesmerize  & hurt me again.  I’d   rather be away.


Global Art Call - The Shades Inventory / El Inventario de las Sombras

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"The Shades Inventory" is a hybrid project of urban intervention - performance - painting - video-art, accomplished by Collective Madeirista, with a socializate and inclusive cultural proposal, that it counts with the citzens/pedestrians participation, indispensable elements in the accomplishment of that artistic product, the ones which, they play essential part for the  purpose that intends that cultural action.  In a historical appropriation of the legend painting origin, according to PlĂ­nio the Old, and the 15 fame minutes of Andy Warhol, that artistic action looks for interaction and complicity with the public and daily objects, transforming them in participants of the work, and the shadows of those in efemeral aesthetic artistic products.
PARTICIPATE - SENT US YOUR SHADE: coletivomadeirista@yahoo.com.br


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           ‘Twas a bright Saturday morning when I wake up with a never-before had combined feelings of anticipation and enthusiasm. Firsts are always memorable and in fact on that particular day, as the ferocity of the sun’s rays became unbearable, the excitement that enveloped me was also far escalating. I have always loved to witness and discover new things probably because they make the pages of my life fonder to look back and reminisce.



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Unang labas mo sa sinapupunan ng magulang mo.
Kain ang unang nasaisip mo.

Kalian ka ba nakaramdam ng gutom?

Hindi mo matandaan?

E! nabusog ka na ba?

O wla ka lang talagang kabusugan?

Bakit ka kain ng kain higit pa sa kaya ng tiyan mo?

Ilang taon ka naba ngaun? 7? 8?
Malaki ka na pala.

Bakit hanggang ngaun kain ka parin ng kain?
Huminto ka na naman paminsan minsan?

Bawal sau yang kinakain mo na yan ah!

Sino ba nagbibigay sau nyang mga pagkain na yan?

Ha? Ang lipunan?

Bakit ka naman nila pinapakain?
Di ba nila nakitang wala kang kabusugan?

Ano? Yun ang gusto nila, ang magpakabusok ka.

E nabusog ka naman ba?

Hinde ka parin nabubusog?
Ah! Gusto mong ubusin lahat ng pagkaing ibibigay sau.

Bakit naman?
Ah! Dahil ayaw mo na maubusan ka.

Teka lang bakit parang mas matanda ka na ngaun ilang taon ka na ba?
20? Ah 26?

Tumataba ka ata?
Ano? Kain ka parin ng kain?

Bakit hindi mo subukan munang tumigil, mag diet ka naman.
Ngek! Di mo matigilan.

Gusto mong maramdaman kung paano mabusog, kaso hindi ka mabusog.
Kaya ka pala kain ng kain?

Ano hindi un ung dahilan?
E ano?

Ano gusto mo ikaw ang may pinakamaraming makain?

kamusta ka na uy 45 ka nap ala? Ano hindi 50 na ah, ang bilis ng panahon diba di ko namalayan.

Ano naramdaman mo na bang mabusog?
Hindi parin?

O bat parang malungkot ka?

Ah! Nakukunsensya ka sa mga ginawa mo?
Bket ano ba ang ginawa mo?

Ano marami kang inagawan ng pagkain?
Pati basura kinakain mo na, wala ka nang pinili kahit lason kinain mo na.

Bakit naman?

Ano? Masyado kang naging ganid sa pagkain?

E bakit ka nga malungkot?

Ah! Kc gusto mong baguhin ang sarili mo kaso huli na ang lahat.
At malungkot ka kc madaming kang tinapakan, pinaiyak at nagutom ng dahil sau, Mapasiya lang ang sikmura mo.

Malakas ka parin bang kumain ngaun?
Ah…hindi na masyado.

Dahil ba nakunsensya ka sa mga naagawan mo ng pagkain?
Hindi? E ano ang dahilan?

Pinipili mo nalang ang kakainin mo, ah! Kc nagdidiet ka siguro?

E bakit nga?

Ah! Kc May nakapagsabi sau na hindi pagkain ang makapagpapabusog sau.

E ano daw?
Ngek! Hindi nya sinabi sau.

Kainis naman kung kalian mahahanap mo na ang kabusugan, tpos hindi pa sinabi sau.

E alam mo na ba kung ano ung sinabi nya na makapagpapabusog sau?
Ah naghahanap ka parin.

Good luck sana mahanap mo na.

Kamusta na? ikaw ba yan?

60 ka na no!hindi?
e ilang taon ka na?
ano! 75…

Sobrang payat mo na ah.

Ano nangyari at namayat ka?, nung huli tayong nagkita para kang baboy na malungkot.
Ngaun mukha kang posteng nakangiti.

Kumain ka na ba? Tara kain muna tayo.

Ano ayaw mo? Bakit? Prang mamamatay ka na sa sobrang payat mo ah!

Ah! Kasi busog ka pa!
E mukha ka ngang di kumakain e.

Ah! Kuntento ka na sa kinakain mo ngaun.
Ano ba ang kinakain mo?

Ah! Ang kinakain mo ung sinabi sau na makapagpapabusog sau?
Kung busog ka e bakit ang payat payat mo para kang buto.
Tara kain tayo!

Ano! Isusuka mo lang?

Ah masyado nang marumi ang katauhan mo kaya nililinis mo ang bituka mo.
Kaya mo isinuka ng isinuka, para makain mo ung makapagpapabusog sau.
Ano ba yang kinakain mo at sinasabi mong busog ka e kitang kita ko naman ang payat payat mo.

Ano! Hindi sya pagkain? E ano!?

“Salita” e pano ka naman mabubusog sa salita?


Worship on 1st Day of the Week

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It's Sunday today, 1st day of the week, I'm going to worship.

I'm a member of the Church of Christ founded by Christ in Jerusalem on Pentecost Day in the year 33 according to our present calendar years.  Christ is the head up to now, no person in His stead.  We are called Christians - followers of Christ.  We are not to forsake the assembly - assembling every Sunday throughout the world.  In the Worship Service, we sing the Opening Hymn (Acapella - no musical instrument used), we have the Opening Prayer, we sing other hymns, a brother gives Message (can't be a woman as women are forbidden to speak in the Church as a leader), then we take the Lord's Supper (bread and fruit of the vine), we do giving based on whatever our hearts like, then the Closing Hymn and Prayer.  We have our Fellowship Day having lunch eaten there during first Sunday of the month in the congregation I attend to - The Central Church of Christ at the Rotary Center at Roces Ave. near Pantranco, Quezon City, PHILIPPINES.  Anybody may join our Worship Services, you're all invited.  May God bless you all.  SEN

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