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I am a filipino writer, and I have walked astray from my calling since from when I was in high school. Writing is my calling, and when the chance was given for me to respond to this calling and take the road which will take me to it came, I squandered the chance. I did not respond to this calling, and trudged the road that led me so far away from it. Because of this, my soul was lost, and I became a zombie. I was breathing but not alive. I walked astray from the very thing that makes my heart beat, and so in very endeavor that I did, I failed. I became nothing, and was almost non-existent, till I came to decide to take back the chance I squandered, go back to where this death of mine started, find my soul, and follow the road to where the reason my heart beats.

Largest Job Search Engine In The World

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Largest Job Search Engine In The World

Hey people,

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Mom’s article/critique on famous international artist Manuel Ocampo has come out in his international catalogue. I realized that my mother’s a REALLY good art critic. She’s amazing at what she does.  And I told her so this morning when I woke up. She smiled, lit a cigarette and said smugly,  “SUPERIOR ang nanay mo, anak.” 



I like Manuel Ocampo’s art… a fusion of cartoon, religion, filth… like a colorful diarrhea of his myriad, inexplicable, crazy thoughts.    In fact he’s the only Pinoy visual artist I honestly liked.  Last night as I was thumbing through his catalogue, I saw drawings of excrement in most of his paintings, and then I read what he wrote  - it was an analysis on shit.  A SERIOUS, deep analysis and a study on shit (crap, turd, your everyday poo-poo) and I laughed so hard that I had an ACUTE asthma attack (I am NOT lying).  I took my Ventar tablet, but it didn’t work.  I took another one, but still my chest was tightening and my bronchioles were quickly closing up.  I was hunched over and unable to speak, and gestured to my mother that I needed to nebulize saline solution.  My mother panicked and frantically searched for my nebulizer mask (w/c was lost somewhere underneath the horrifying mess on my bedroom floor), shouting curses at me for being such a filthy, scatterbrain.  And get this, I also LOST the syringe to extract the saline solution from the plastic bottle, so all hell broke loose.  My mother shouted at me,

the media and how it tested my sanity

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The Job

Everyday is the same. One tends to think about tasks that should be accomplished for the day, in yet, you feel as if you've done these things before. Well, at least these people have something to do, responsibilities that they can shoulder.

My case is different. I wake up at 6am, go to work at 8, then sit and watch time slowly scratch the blackboard. It's not that I don't do any work, but the fact that I finished my work way ahead of schedule. Again, don't get me wrong, all I had to do was copy paste text, put watermarks on images, and finally upload those data on a system... This is a very, very complicated job that people below 12 years can't possibly handle the kind of pressure this job has to offer.

NBDB Seminar for Authors; Market at Witman Publishing Co. (H.K.) Ltd.

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Got a tip from a fellow writer that the National Book Development Board will be holding a seminar for authors at their office at UP Diliman tomorrow November 15, 2005. Called them up even if it was already six in the evening, and luckily Ms. Asena Galang of their research department was kind enough to entertain my call. It turns out that there will be two seminars. One will be about Print/Publish On Demand to be given by CentralBooks, and the other by McGraw-Hill (she was not sure of the details).  Although the seminar is for registered authors only of the NBDB, I might still drop by tomorrow morning -- the seminars are scheduled at 9 o'clock and 1 pm, but Ms. Galang said that usually they start at 10. Ms. Galang also suggested that I tell the organizers that I will register later so that hopefully I can be accommodated.

My Present Work

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Hi!  I'm a Filipino, a translator of the Word of God from Greek to English.  I have already finished THE WILL (A Plain Translation of The New Testament from Greek to English) but it's not yet printed and circulated due to lack of funds.  I'm now working on GENESIS & EXODUS (Greek to English) which will be finished soon, God willing, to be published in where my other books are.  I'm new here and I just want to greet you all.  May God bless you.  SEN

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