Writing downslides 1 : To each his own

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Despite the economic setback of pursuing a writing career, still, there are so many aspiring writers who insist on trying this field. To some, it’s always been their longtime dream but doesn’t have the means or doesn’t have the time do so. Probably, some of them came from destitute families or top priority is their family.

E. Ruth B. Borromeo is a freelance writer for women's magazines. Does press releases and other forms of writing.

Fighting againts aging

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Are you conscious of getting older?


Aging is a topic that many would love to talk about. At this modern day of technology, Scientist are conducting series of studies to fight the war against aging.


Recently, new found ways to stay young have been discussed on the National Geographic Channel.


First, they featured injecting growth hormones to the body. It revitalizes our cells and promotes slow aging of the body. Keeping the one who uses it healthy and young. But this is still to be settled regarding its effects (in the next years).

The Making of Reaching Destination a.k.a the true story! Spread the word!

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First Step

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this is a rebrith. a journey after fourteen long years of self exile. think i will fall from my knees and will be blinded by a stark light ahead.

this is a reconciliation of two bodies. two souls but different orientations. two strangers in a distant hallow cubicle with faint smell of Hope.

this is my first step. to what? to where?

i dont know but this is my simple way of saying im back. back in my toes and my fingers are aching again.... again. just like the old times.

a writer syndrome. i dont know, there are lots for me to learn and many places to explore. but i will be there. i know

NOT TO BE MISSED: Dining at Monasteryo

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My first attempt at food writing folks!

            November’s final evening came and Atalanta decided to treat me and mom out for dinner.  We found ourselves wondering where we should go.  My aunt suggested we try out Monasteryo in Greenbelt.  She had befriended the owner Eric Barros and she told us we should try to get a discount if he was at the restaurant.         

            Honestly, the first time I heard the name my mind drew a blank.  My memory ran through the numerous eateries in Greenbelt 1, 2 and 3 but I still could not place it.  After some brain gymnastics, I finally knew where it was located.      

The Magician's Nephew

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The Magician's Nephew (TMN) is the first book in CS Lewis' Chronicles of Narnia. But it was the second book to be written (the first one was The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe). So you can say that TMN is a sort of prequel.

The nephew that the title refers to is Digory, the nephew of Uncle Andrew Ketterly, a demented recluse who thinks he is a magician. Although his parents are still alive, Digory is forced to live with his old maid aunt and bachelor uncle, Ms and Mr. Ketterly.  Read More...

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