Answers for a Newbie Freelance Writer

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An aspiring freelance writer recently sent me an e-mail to ask if it is advisable to jump into the adventurous waters of freelance writing. I thought it best to share my answers with all of you since his questions are the usual concerns posed by a newbie freelance writer, as I once was.

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Payment Methods for International Freelance Writing

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One of the usual questions I get when I tell others that I write for international publications is how I get paid.

Well, here are the main ways you get to be remunerated once your article is accepted:

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I am a filipino writer, and I have walked astray from my calling since from when I was in high school. Writing is my calling, and when the chance was given for me to respond to this calling and take the road which will take me to it came, I squandered the chance. I did not respond to this calling, and trudged the road that led me so far away from it. Because of this, my soul was lost, and I became a zombie. I was breathing but not alive. I walked astray from the very thing that makes my heart beat, and so in very endeavor that I did, I failed. I became nothing, and was almost non-existent, till I came to decide to take back the chance I squandered, go back to where this death of mine started, find my soul, and follow the road to where the reason my heart beats.


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ill be seeing you.
no matter what...

and ill make you laugh till you fall on your knees.

just a thought....

do you know why we cant have peace?

its because of people like you.

so pathetic.
and so perfectionist.
as if....


because i believe in a certain paradigm,
im still here
if you need someone
to criticize.=)
keep on criticizing me...
im already loving that
and dont worry
im used to it...=P

El uso del español/the use of Spanish

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Mabuhay amigos.

Quiero comentar sobre la importancia de que perviva el español en Filipinas. Yo, desde lejos y también como extranjero veo la enorme oportunidad que tiene vuestro país para sacarle partido al uso del castellano y del chabacano que es tan parecido.  Económicamente la enseñanza del español puede beneficiar a Filipinas, teniendo en cuenta que mucha gente sigue hablando el castellano y además lo fácil que les resultaría a los chabacanohablantes comunicarse con los casi 500 millones de personas de habla hispana. Es más, daría un nuevo impulso a la economía filipina pues se podrían establecer centros de llamadas,  sería también posible aprovechar las emergentes economías hispanoamericanas y promover la influencia de Filipinas por el mundo. No digo que eliminen la enseñanza del inglés norteamericano sino que restauren, por dios, la del español.

Got a Friendster Account?

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Got a Friendster Account?

Once again we make a stunning record! With the world's record of the most number of SMS (text) messages processed everyday; now, we are named as having the most number of Friendster account users - with 5 MILLION Friendster accounts!

It sounds amazing but for most online users, 5 million will likely double very soon. This can be attributed to Friendster's features which perfectly tickle the discriminating taste of Filipinos.

Friendster is a friend that tells about who a friend is; introduces a new friend; find long lost friend; keep the bond among friends. Whatever the motives of the user, Friendster serves the purpose and more or less satisfy, and to some fulfill personal intentions.

Great things happen in Cebu: In 2007, Cebu ICT Int'l Confab

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Cebu ICT 2007 International Conference and Exhibition

Cebu has always been hosting great things! If my lolo is alive, he will remind me about the great Battle of Mactan. If my lolo is here, I will detail to him the success of ASEAN summit, and I will boast to him the Cebu ICT 2007 International Conference and Exhibition that will be held on June 26-28, 2007.

And if he is still awake (as great things sometimes tire us, young and old), I will replay about the 1 million Cebuano votes and the historic oath taking of President Arroyo in Cebu.

A year ago, during the 2nd ICT Strategy Summit held in Cebu City, senior IT analyst of XMG-Asia Pacific, Cesar Tolentino, expressed his confidence that Cebu will soon lead in the world’s Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) support provider and in positioning itself as a high-end IT investment hub.

holding my growth back

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I am trying to get out of my niche but somebody stops me... I am trying to get out from mere boredom but somebody pulls me back...I am trying the advance but somebody triggers me to come in basics...I am trying to grow but somebody holds my growth.

No one really points a knife on my neck to do these so. But my conscience can't afford to have a fast forward while somebody is left behind... I can't take to see my fellow soldier dying in a battle while i am striving for my own survival. I almost reach the finish line but i ran back to help the stumbled one.

it is amazing to stand out in a crowd and be looked up by everyone...But I rather be a dwarf forever, looking up to help those tall feel they stand out.

Change, Chance, Choice and Spiderman

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He’s way a lot cuter in black suit. And when I said ‘he’ I meant Spiderman. Yeah right, he’s your friendly neighborhood who wouldn’t hurt anyone’s teeny little fingertip. But guess what? He’s changed but not for long though. At least he has had the moment of breaking free from his normal self. I envy him for that. I’m dying for a change-- a new image, maybe some new friends or new environment to live. I mean, this humdrum existence is just too boring. You do the same things everyday and at the same time. You walk the same path everyday and see people all the same. I need change just like Spiderman.

Pospas Band rocks in Cebu!

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Pospas Band rocks in Cebu!
by Jerry G. Gervacio

Bands are noted for their monicker that marks not only the minds but also the heart of their followers. Some bands appeal to gastronomical cravings. One of then is Pospas band.

You may love congee or arroz caldo. If so, then, you must have heard pospas, too! Pospas seems to be the Cebuano or Boholano term for the stuff. But pospas is not all about food because there is Pospas band that take you to musical astonishment.

Pospas is Cebuano rock band based in Jugan, Consolacion, Cebu Province, Pospas_1 Philippines. The band, started in October 21, 2006, gradually gains popularity with the songs, Gikalipay Mo Ba?, Gikulata, and Palautang.

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