ang dahilan kung bakit ko isinulat to...

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Isa lang akong simpleng tao na may simpleng pangarap sa buhay.  Isa lang ako sa mga taong akala mo’y hindi nag-eexist dito sa mundo. Simple lang din ang routine ko sa buhay.  Gigising sa umaga, papasok sa trabaho, uuwi sa bahay, matutulog.  Ganun lang lagi kaya masaya ako kapag nagyayaya ang mga kasama ko sa trabaho na gumimik.  O kaya naman minsan niyayaya ko ang mama ko na manood ng sine.  Wag ka ng magtaka kung sya ang kasama ko kase wala naman na kong boyfriend.  Kung bakit e wag mo ng alamin kase baka I-chismis mo pa sa kapitbahay mo.  Saka hindi naman talaga yun ang dahilan kung bakit ko isinulat to.

for you

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For you,

Well, I guess I may sound exaggerated if I say that I’m thankful that we’ve gone this far.  I know it isn’t enough to say that it’s already been too long for us.  But no matter how you react about it, I would still wanted you to know that I am happy that we did it and those times being together is worth reminiscing.  I believe that this is just the beginning of some more months and hopefully years that we still have to take.

I often say “thanks” to you, for the good things you showed me…. For loving me….  But I guess I forgot to tell you how much I really am thankful for being a part of your life.  You didn’t know how much I admire you and how much I believe in you.  And if ever the whole world wouldn’t believe in you anymore, I would still be there for you.  


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ill be seeing you.
no matter what...

and ill make you laugh till you fall on your knees.

just a thought....

do you know why we cant have peace?

its because of people like you.

so pathetic.
and so perfectionist.
as if....


because i believe in a certain paradigm,
im still here
if you need someone
to criticize.=)
keep on criticizing me...
im already loving that
and dont worry
im used to it...=P

Tidings It Brings

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Tidings it Brings
By: Seph Ramos
(March Blog)
By May 07, National Election for another time will be held in  the Philippine’s thousand Islands & the fever is on! Thanks to The Filipino Channel’s recurring updates  on latest breaking phenomenon that made us dynamic viewer-critics from here in the Mid-East.  There we are with the “Good News” -
PROGRESS DRIVES: On its advent, sleepy towns are enlivened with sudden mushrooming of beautification, livelihood & infrastructure projects.  At last, soiled streets are lighted & well paved,   walls dented with unpleasant graffiti’s are retouched, weather-beaten daycare centers, waiting sheds, & barangay halls are refurbished  to name a few – all made  possible by incumbent official’s sacrificial thinning of their pork barrels. As a package deal in such monumental endeavors, the heroes title are then stamped  alongside those.
AN INCOME OPPORTUNITY: Attn able in/out-door Tambays: roll-up  your sleeves, grab-in your Barkada’s & jump-fast  to your town assembly for a cash-earning Gimik. Ensure your  Team Captain has had your name registered & yahoo! You’ve got your free snacks, campaign cap or shirts & more interestingly, your mobile as well as your belly can be reloaded for the ff: day. Just be safe. Hired goons with guns might be snooping around so  your  “lagare” idea between two rival Party is not clever. You might lose thy gold, worst   your life (awful).
SPONSORSHIP POTENTIAL: Wishing for a Fairy GodParent to spell magic for your wedding & children offerings? Perhaps, your organizing a beauty pageant, fiesta celeb, sports fete but short with funds? Your having bright offsprings yet can’t further their schooling as you’re from the poorest of the poor class. Congratulations, the right season’s here to win a “willing” sponsor for that crucial event & scholarship. Easy term apply: Forget-Not your Patron’s pseudonym in your troop’s portfolio, streamers, player’s apparel &  in  each secret ballot for upcoming poll.
CLOSED-UP ENTERTAINMENT: From giant reels  & small tube, they came out in open to your crowded neighborhood waving, greeting with their fair hand reaching yours,  - their presence so tender, smile so loving, purpose so caring.  T-L-C from flawless celebrities & legendary TraPo’s?  Ghee, whose common Juan won’t say they’re not heartrobbing, captivating, …& vote winning?  
Natural Attraction
My  index finger have not long-time been stained by Comelec’s indelible ink, yet the political scenarios I grew-up with  lingers. It has daily signs, because. I can equate my experience to the magnificent Mt. Mayon in her ever-increasing smoke that vapors fervently in the sky – an  apparent symbol of a would-be emission. It is breathtaking & entertaining from afar  causing throng of starving & ignorant  on-lookers to flock, feast  & unearth together what it can bid. She’s smart enough to wow her mainstream audience.  Personally, its more of a sorry state to stay nearby. With pain & scars it engraved in my whole-being, I should be wiser & wary now.  I won’t let her charms  mesmerize  & hurt me again.  I’d   rather be away.


Tikman Ang Langit: An Anthology on the Eraserheads

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Posted by Abigail Ho at the cinemanila yahoogroup:


Just some shameless plugging, I hope you guys don't

The book "Tikman Ang Langit: An Anthology on the
Eraserheads" is now available at Powerbooks branches
all over Metro Manila. It will also be available at
National Bookstore by March.

It's a compilation of essays written by fans who've
had their share of Eheads heaven at some point in
their lives. Among the writers are young journalists
and Palanca awardees.

It's priced at P180 a copy. I hope you can all get a
copy. Please help spread the word to people you think

Getting The Details Right After Your Article Proposal Is Accepted

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At last, after sending your article proposal to a number of international publications, you finally get a yes! One of the publications’ editors e-mails a reply, and tells you that they love your feature idea.

Now what? What do you say to the editor? What are the things you have to keep in mind when negotiating with her? Well, as a guide, I made a checklist of the things to consider once your article query is accepted.

Publication rates

Dino Manrique is the owner/publisher of You may reach him at filipinowriter (at) gmail (dot) com.

How I Broke Into the World of International Freelance Writing

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Around five years ago, in 2001, after a video business with friends went bust, I was trying to come up with other ideas to generate income. I had decided to look in the field of my truest passion, writing. But how? I tried scriptwriting for TV but wasn't lucky enough to be given the opportunity. So I was looking into other types of writing for inspiration. Finally, I realized that the answer to my problem was just under my nose, just waiting to be discovered.

Dino Manrique is the owner/publisher of You may reach him at filipinowriter (at) gmail (dot) com.

the media and how it tested my sanity

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The Job

Everyday is the same. One tends to think about tasks that should be accomplished for the day, in yet, you feel as if you've done these things before. Well, at least these people have something to do, responsibilities that they can shoulder.

My case is different. I wake up at 6am, go to work at 8, then sit and watch time slowly scratch the blackboard. It's not that I don't do any work, but the fact that I finished my work way ahead of schedule. Again, don't get me wrong, all I had to do was copy paste text, put watermarks on images, and finally upload those data on a system... This is a very, very complicated job that people below 12 years can't possibly handle the kind of pressure this job has to offer.


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Our black cat has attacked me several times. Jumping to my leg, sinking his sharp fangs in my flesh while digging his nails in every part of my leg. When I pry him away, screaming, he’d cling more stubbornly to my leg, punching deep holes in my flesh. When I pull his head off painfully, he’d run away before I could kill him. I would sit down and examine in shock the long bright, red marks running across my leg, and twenty or so small holes in my flesh that are spewing blood. Ohhh… the pain! The agony! And worse, the wounds would definitely scar me for life. Now I have an ugly pair of legs. #&%$!

==mY onLy sErApHim==

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now i think i know

what you tried to say to me

and how you suffered for your sanity

and how you tried to set them free

they would not listen,

theyr'e not listening still...

perhaps they never will.

i am a writer, not a person. and if i had listened to my life, listened to the things that brought joy, i would have known that. and i would have known it a long time ago, if only i had been looking. listening.

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