Pakitingnan naman itong nakuha kong blogs pls...Kakainis!!!

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palagay ko bawat pilipino ay nararapat magbahagi ng opinyon dito sang ayon man o hindi. nakakagalit ang mga ganiot uri ng tao lalo na kapag kapwa pilipino pa ang gumawa.  pls see for further info about this subject.

Malu Fernandez, Manila Standard Today, Bigotry In The Media

With the recent irresponsible, elitist, bigoted, and discriminating comments made by Manila Standard Today columnist Marlu Fernandez in her People Asia magazine article “From Boracay to Greece” in which she makes many belittling comments about Overseas Filipino Workers and Filipinos in general, the response from Filipino bloggers have been overwhelming, and have not been light on the criticism. When do we say enough is enough and that we will no longer stand for the bigotry and discrimination that takes place, not only in this country but all around the world?

collaboration, anyone?

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first time ko sa site na 'to, kind of nawawala... basta gusto ko lang i-release yung mga images na nasa isip ko.lundagan ng lundagan e hindi ko alam paano pakawalan ng may saysay... got lots of ideas but dont know how make it work! accident lang ng masearch ko ang site ne 'to, or call it devine interventaion. i'm just searching on how to make a cand--or better yet, i'm searching on how to make money-- but here i am, trying to get some disturb attention or maybe someone who has the same problem with me, it's been a dream to write a novel, a book, a film...but all was a dream until much inferiority i think...but who doesnt have one? kahit pa siguro presedente merong inferiority complex... anyway, im jusy looking a place to post my thoughts, trying to search writing competition kahit hindi ko alam papaano sasali o gagawin... if ever, you are the same with me...maybe we can work things out by collaboration...just hoping... dont know when can i visit this site again, or if i can still visit the site, but i'll try asap. just hoping to hear someone like me. text me

Bewitching Hour

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The chugging sound
of ac
vibrate through the walls,
the pounding
on the door
louder than the calls,

mangy mirage
photo-real; engraved.
Hypnotize, mesmerize,
keep it far at large-

Warp it
through your blanket,
like milk in hot chocolate;
is limped

cause dippy,
is limped

sleep seeps off
drowsiness lost
cause dippy, caffeinated is limped.

Sit up
get up
face up

sweet image
toss them in the dark,

cause dreams
will pass;

cause dreams
will pass;

cause dreams
will pass,

Author! Author!

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Literary Authorship through the Ages


The concept of author—for this discussion, any progenitor of a literary work—has undergone mutation in varying degrees and periods in history. This following historical narrative, or sort of genealogy tries to trace the development of the “author” as it is related to contemporary literary understanding.


In the Middle Ages, the concept was attached to the auctores, those authors of certain books trivium and quadrivium, which were vital texts for young men of learning. Auctores, like Aristotle, Ptolemy and the Bible were in the etymological sense of the word—”a writer whose words commanded respect and belief.” They stemmed from some sort of supremacy, enacting and making possible Divine Revelation to those who read them. As such, auctores established the ruling order, and sanctioned moral and political authority of the medieval culture. In the feudal age, authority was limited to the people in hierarchy, and thus truth and order and meaning.

Unintended, Unaffected

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Understanding G. K. Wimsatt and Monroe Beardsley’s

“The Intentional Fallacy” and “The Affective Fallacy”

“A reader uncovers the truth of literature not by consulting the oracle but by looking carefully at the internal evidence of the text’s form.”

To attain an understanding of any piece of literary work, a reader needs to reject the idea of an author’s intention. Instead of being concerned with the author’s intentions or reasoning, the reader should use and rely upon their knowledge of linguistics and literary elements to form a conclusion regarding the ‘thematic focus and unity of the work.’

Sino choice niyo?

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katatapos lamang ng Gawad Urian, ang parangal kung saan mas binibigyan halaga ang kalidad ng pelikula. Kung kayo ang tatanungin, sino ang karapat dapat manalo sa Urian sa kategoryang best actress?

irma adlawan - sa north diversion road
claudine barreto - nasaan ka man
ana capri - ala verde ala pobre
jaclyn jose - sarung banggi (nagwagi)
jaycee parker - ilusyon
analyn bangsi-il - kalimugtong


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Pansin ko na maraming aktibo sa pag-post ng kanikanilang mga obra para mabasa ng ibang mga members ng site na 'to. Ang gusto ko lang sana malaman, lahat ba ng mga likha ay p'wedeng punahin batay sa sarili mong pananaw?

Halimbawa, ako, bilang isang taong gustong matutong sumulat at ginugustong lumawak ang kaalaman sa napili kong sining, gusto ko sana malaman kung ano pa ang mga kulang ko o mga mali kong nagawa/ginagawa o kung ano pa mang makakapagpabuti sa'kin bilang isang mag-aaral sa larangan ng pagsusulat.Naniniwala ako na marami tayong matututuhan kung hindi lang natin ipapabasa ang mga na-post natin na mga trabaho pero kung malalaman natin ang mga pananaw ng ibang mga tao tungkol dito.


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The first time I saw Tony Kushner’s Angels in America, I was completely blown away, and this morning I watched it for the nth time (I especially loved Perestroika, the 2nd part). BRILLIANT casting. SUPERB acting! Poetic dialogue that is BEYOND beautiful. Its scathing wit is immeasurable. Tony Kushner is unbelievably, AMAZINGLY talented (so it wasn’t a surprise when he won the Pulitzer). Walang kayabangan yung sine…TUNAY na matalino. Not the slightest pretention. It’s heartbreaking, HILARIOUS…best movie I’ve ever seen. Definitely a MUST-SEE.

Utang na Loob

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Sa kultura ng Pilipinas ay uso ang utang na loob. Kung ang isang tao ay nagbigay ng pabor sa iyo, kailangan mong tanawin na utang na loob. Si Kulas pinatuloy si Pedro sa kanyang tahanan nang ito ay bagong salta pa lamang sa Maynila. Inaasahang tumanaw ng utang na loob si Pedro. Si Kulasa nagpuyat para sa proyekto ng mga anak ni Petra noong ang mga ito ay nasa elementarya pa lamang. Ngayong sila ay tapos na sa pag-aaral at may trabaho na, si Kulasa ay umaasa pa rin na sana ay tumanaw man lamang ng kahit na katiting na utang na loob si Petra at ang mga anak nito.

Ngayon ang tanong, dapat ba o hindi dapat tumanaw ng utang na loob? Hanggang saan ba dapat ang pagtanaw ng utang na loob?

It already works for its own nugatory, stupid!

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Years and years ago, I had a huge crush on Ninez Cacho Olivarez, editor and publisher of   “The Daily Tribune.”  

I loved her short stories. They appeared on weekly Women’s Journal then. Her short stories usually portrayed characters of elite background. Her heroin always elegant, classy and chic with wants and goals very different from the world I came from. I fantasized her characters. Also, as I thought Ninez to be the embodiment of the characters she created, she epitomized as a woman of my dream.

I chased her by-line, since then, in different publications. Then she became a peripatetic political pundit. As she jumped from one newspaper to another, her punditry targeted whoever occupies Malacanang Palace. From Ferdinand Marcos down to Gloria Macapagal Arroyo in the expanse of more than twenty years, she dished out steady, unrelenting acerbic wits. Her constant criticism made her the pesky enemy of her target, that it becomes their ambition to silence her. But no one among the occupants of Malacanang, past or present, had ever been successful to shut her up.  She continues to lash out her venom, and kowtow to no one.   

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