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Sa lahat ng mga tumangkilik o nagbasa sa mga akda ko. Anong kwento ang mas nagustuhan ninyo?

by jonsdmur ( | | | | | )
11% (1 vote)
MY TRUE TO LIFE STORY (My love story)
22% (2 votes)
0% (0 votes)
TIMAWO, suspense horror story
33% (3 votes)
HIRAM LAMANG, gay relationship story
22% (2 votes)
AKO SI COCOY, A VIRGIN BOY, a comedy story
11% (1 vote)
DOON LANG (, my first novel
0% (0 votes)
Total votes: 9


by doomedpsyche ( | | | | | )

Tell me. Will you love me if I tell you right now, “I love you?” Would you even care if I drop a single tear all because of the love of you? I’m not quite sure if I truly love you. You don’t have to bother and help me in answering those questions. All I know is: you’re making my life all complicated. I know that I’m happy with my life right now. I know that I’m all satisfied with my single life. Why do you still have to bother with my head?


I don’t know if I should tell you that I’ve had sleepless nights. I don’t know if I should show you how wrecked I am inside. I just can’t seem to answer the questions; these questions in my mind. I wanted to see the answers and fight; but I just can’t give love just a single try.


by poetic_angel ( | | | )



my sunset,

my life,

i wish,

for a second,

i could be at rest,

i wish for a moment,

i could fly,

fly so high,

high and away,

from my life,

from everything,

from the chaos,

from the madness.....


i wish to lose all my reasons...

My Sweetest Stranger

by patrie ( | | | | | )

I can hardly take a step

away from what we had

to forget about you

is like forgetting who I am


Loving you is my thing to do

but I need to walk away

'cause you're no longer here

no longer here to stay


You told me before that it

doesn't matter if I turn you away

'cause you'll stay with me and be

my sweetest stranger, forever


I guess you'll stay that way

you'll be my sweetest stranger

nevertheless, just a stranger

that really makes me wonder


Miles apart from each other

Won't you save me?

by augusta linnea ... ( | | )

lovin' you
needin' you
beggin' you
like i never have before...

i never thought i'd be speaking these words...

but another day alone is more than i cant take.

the sky is falling
and it would be too late for me...

i wonder if your longing for me


i wonder if you want
to save me...

is all i need.

To HELL with our religions!

by augusta linnea ... ( | | )

i'm sitting in this cafe right now and i am busy typing the minutes of our meeting when i saw HORRIBLE video of people killing people.

beside me is a girl watching the video.
i asked her about it, and she told me it was a massacre in Indonesia.

a massacre because of different beliefs, different religions, and different gods!

Christian-Buddhist/Muslim war.

i almost fainted while watching the video.
i saw children violently killed, women without heads, and men brutally chopped!(do not imagine. better take a look.)

i don't see the reason why we have to fight over religion if there is freedom to choose one.

:c just this morning...

by augusta linnea ... ( | | )

i lost my patience

and i lost my PHONE!

so text me no more.

Despondence (Sonnet)

by esoteric_hermit ( | | | | | )
Melancholy gnaws through my jaded soul
and jagged shards of glass pierce my body
cold raindrops kiss my forehead, soothingly
as I tread the empty path to solace
devoid of hope, I trudge wearily forth
in my dark mind, chaos holds dominion
the Grim Reaper beckons me to follow
his hollow eyes gazing at oblivion
my heart is crushed, but I know not the cause
I tried to seek the Lord for sanctuary
yet all I got was cold eerie silence
as I held my breath for the final hour
'Tis not what I was searching for my life
but fate has encased my spirit in pain


by augusta linnea ... ( | | | | | | )

ill be seeing you.
no matter what...

and ill make you laugh till you fall on your knees.

just a thought....

do you know why we cant have peace?

its because of people like you.

so pathetic.
and so perfectionist.
as if....


because i believe in a certain paradigm,
im still here
if you need someone
to criticize.=)
keep on criticizing me...
im already loving that
and dont worry
im used to it...=P


by Daqrayter ( | | | | )

“Kulang ito…”  bulong ni Raven matapos i-withdraw ang lahat ng pera sa kanyang ATM.

Iiling-iling na lamang niyang itinago sa pitaka ang pera matapos niyang matantiyang kakapusin na naman siya at di aabot ang pera bago dumating ang katapusan.

Maraming naglalaro sa kanyang isipan ng tumunog ang kanyang cellphone.


“Sino na naman kayang kamote itong nag text sa akin?”  sabi niya sa isip niya habang dinudukot ang cellphone sa bulsa.

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