I'm not the girl you want to have,

No, I don't deserve your love.


Jeazelle H. Salunga



Ikaw ang pangarap na kahit kailan ay hindi magiging akin,

paulit-ulit man akong humiling sa mga bituin.


Jeazelle H. Salunga



Have you ever seen their smile,

after playing a while?

have you seen them cry.

Jeazelle H. Salunga



I've tried my best to let you know how I feel,

I've done everything to show it's real.


Jeazelle H. Salunga

I've written a poem that was intended to be a poem but because of my carelessness I lost it.. 

It kind of broke me so I've written this...

I think this turned out better than the first one. 

Sweet Confusion


Am I now ready to forget you?

Let go of this dream that you haven't got a clue.


This new attraction that I have seen,

and it is even from one of your kin.


Though I'm not yet falling,

I still feel a certain yearning.


I am now feeling this sweet confusion..

Having this internal revolution.


Should I now let go,

and let this new adoration grow?


Or should I still keep this feelings I hide,

even if I could never confide?

Jeazelle H. Salunga



Do I really want to hook up with you?

Let's say I do..


But we both know that we have nothing to offer.

And we just want to play with each other.


We don't want to be seen..

For it may cause a pretty large scene.


No, we are not serious.

And we'll be dancing the beat of insidious.

Jeazelle H. Salunga

Delusions of a Broken Hearted Girl


I want to believe in love that never end.

That every problem, we both can mend.


That if we both want to stay,

no one forced and we want it that way.


Let alone the hurts and pains from the past.

For we are together to face the next everyday's pass.


Might as well forget the names of the old lovers.

For with you, no one else matters.


You will offer me the moon and the sun,

in exchange I'll bear you a daughter or son.

Jeazelle H. Salunga

Can I Wait for Forever?


Can I wait for forever?

You might notice if ever..


If I hold you this way,

would you give it a sway?


Boy, you're so dense.

You don't see that around you, I get easily tensed.


But what can I say?

You have never even looked my way.


A girl will just now dream,

of dressing in white or cream.


If only I can wait for forever..

You might somehow notice if ever..

Jeazelle H. Salunga

to Baby.. HarCho...


this is the only place where i can express myself with privacy..

if someday you'd accidentally see this.. 


well.. i'm hoping and not at the same time..


just so you know... i've been admiring you since JUNE 2008.



He is standing tall and proud,

you could easily pick him in the crowd.


Yes, i am inlove with him..

But he is only a dream.


He may only be a man..

Yet, he is who I wanna give my hand.

Jeazelle H. Salunga

My Man


He should be true,

   He should have a clue,

      he should know what to do.


He should have humor,

   shower me with ardor.


He can be Black ow White.

   He must cradle me at night.


His head should not be thick,

   never should he be a prick.


He has the power to make me cry,

   but he will never try.


He should love me.

   My personality and my family.


He should be sweet and adorable,

Jeazelle H. Salunga
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