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Kissing A Hand

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Kissing a hand now seems gone, 
I wish to see it yet find not one, 

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Nature Makes Us Wonder

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Nature, God's perfect piece of art. 
The intricate hues of flowers, 

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He Didn't Know

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Thank You, Lord

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I open my eyes as I woke up today, 
And thanked God am still alive and free. 

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Ang Ika-Walong Kulay Ng Bahaghari FINALE



Kulay na siyang sumisimbulo sa isang pusong luhaan at nagluluksa...

Ang kalimitang kulay ng mga bulaklak na siyang inihahandog upang makiramay sa mga nangungulila...

Ang kulay ng kapang isinusuot ng isang maharlikang nangingiling humarap sa isang napakamahirap na pagsubok...

Ito ang pinakahuling kulay ng bahaghari...



I'm Sorry I lied.


Jenny was so happy about the house they had found. For once in her life that was on the right side of town. She unpacked her things with such great ease. As she watched her new curtains blow in the breeze. How wonderful it was to have her own room. School would be starting, she would have friends over soon. There will be sleep-overs, and parties. She was so happy. It's just the way she wanted her life to be.

A very Sad Love Story.

It had been raining for more than a week, so much rain it made everyday seemed so restless and gloomy. She called and said she was coming up. It was the third time she came up to see me that week. I carried her excuse of why she came all the way here and went to meet her at the nearby seven-eleven. She was standing there alone, carrying her red umbrella. Her friend had dropped her off. It was raining and she was shivering.

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My Solitude

As he cries a thousand times
He has been in this absurd world
He portrays what he felt
He just make a life of it
In his mind he lies awake
Thinking of the things that passed
And as he tries to beg for help
The shadows formed begins to fade
Tyrone Keith Sadian

This is dedicated to everyone who thinks they are all alone and no one cares about them.

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While I Wait


Walking on this lonely road

Without a place to call my home

Wilting flowers' all I see

Washed away by evening breeze


All the needs I barely had

All the wants I'll never have

Alluring memories of past

Asking why they didn't last


In this journey that I face

I surely wouldn't want to haste

Instant judgements might lead wrong

In proving others I belong


Time will heal all wounds, they say

That it is worthwile just to wait

Tinkering on time's own pace

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Old Lovers

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i see the beauty in your wrinkles
beveled in the sands of time
white hair that sprinkled
like a pickle soaked in brine
few hours left
our time that wilt
beyond this life
our love will wait

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