A Chance To Be With You

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In our time I got so tough

Even things were into rough

I just can't close my eyes to make us both alright

To the happiness we had

And the memories we've shared

Leaving it all behind is not an easy test.



Cause no matter what I have today

The reason is for you, for me to say

That I'll never give up

When I'm down and hopelessly



I'm just an ordinary man

Falling in love for the first time

Cause every second takes a chance

To be with you

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Song of the Spider

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I know I'm the son of the Devil..


but that doesn't stop me to do good.. for other people..



I know I'm his Favorite---



but that doesn't stop me from being good... and to analyze my own dream and nightmares for the good of others..



I know he is a medical Genius .. and into the details of all things-- 2nd to GOD himself.. but that doesn't stop me to be a medical Genius like him..



I am a Vampire Werewolf Hellboy Spider Man ..


Kent Luiz Mercado Queipo


is a Writer



1st Year in Chemistry and 3rd Year Bachelor of Science Psychology.. in Ateneo de Cagayan.. with interest in Genetics-- Virology.. Bacteriology ..Mathematics and Physics.. and Chemistry.. and most specially in Arachnology..

Crossing Gender Steroetypes Entry 08: Love

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When I say I love him, I am pierced at the hands feet -- Winterson was right after all. There is no love that does not leave a mark on both lovers. And whenever I say it to him, of him, at him, about him...I die. It now pays to be a cat and have a million lives.

What is it about him that makes me shiver? Quiver? Fear? It is the exchange of unmatched wanting of both our souls for the hunger that is lust and affection. Or possibly an unmatched expression. The weighing scale tips closer to the bottom.

Lara De Ubago-Sia

June 2010

And They Have Daggers for Eyes


Culture is one thing, bad manners is another. What I notice in this society is how some people can stare. I get all kinds, ranging from curiosity to disgust to, on extremely rare occasions, admiration.

Lara De Ubago-Sia (Fire Sia)

July 2000

The Space Between light and Dark

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Many people say that I am in a grey area. My sexuality always put in question. The assumption being, that my relationship defines who I am at the moment. In that case, I would have been…straight for roughly 8 years and a lesbian for 12. Oh and those years are just added up from the times I switched from one crush or partner to another, alternating genders as I went.

Lara De Ubago-Sia
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The New Year

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“We must learn to move on,” she said. For the last time, we saw the fireworks reflect in our eyes as the memories clung desperately to the edges of the old year, only to be washed away— to be drowned in the new— far, far away.


Two-sentence story.

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All The Pretty Corpses

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While watching autopsy videos, I can’t help but reminisce about the good old days— dissecting cadavers in medical school. It's kinda funny that what I remember most— is that it’s truly hard to focus on the task when you have a massive hard-on.


Flash Fic.

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Pieces of her ended up in the fridge. Inside the freezer, her lifeless eyes stare coldly at her heart— blaming it for her shortcomings.


Two-sentence short.

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Where seabirds put their nests

Where kingfishers find rest

The days of Alcyone

Serve as refuge and home

 To weary travellers,

every mortal farer

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A Daring Rescue

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"This way," I said— leading her through the inferno. When I turned around to check, all I saw were flames engulfing the exit.


Flash... Fic...

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