IESOUS aka JOSHUA (Servant of God)

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I have just published a pocketbook - IESOUS aka JOSHUA (Servant of God). It is Joshua who wrote Deuteronomy. Joshua was the attendant of Mouses. God did not allow Mouses to enter the promised land for he sinned when he struck the Rock to give water to the Israelites in the wilderness. God appointed Joshua to lead the Israelites after Mouses died. They crossed the Jordan River on dry land as they did on the Red Sea. This book shows how the Israelites fought and took the promised land. The inheritance of the twelve tribes of Israel by lots are specified with their corresponding boundaries. It is in this book where the sun stood still for the whole day as requested by Joshua to further prove that God is with him.

Iesous a.k.a. Joshua (Servant of God)

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I was encoding Numbers but I had to go to the province and I was not here for 12 days.  I arrived May 10 and got back to the computer and internet.  Unfortunately after 5 days my monitor blacked out and the problem was my Windows XP Pro.  The computer went back online May 24 pm but all records were deleted.  The hard disk was like formatted and so ... headaches.

While I was on vacation, I was able to translate Deuteronomy.  And during the time when the computer was down, I was able to translate the book of Joshua.  In the Septuagint, it appears that the name Joshua is Iesous.  He was the servant of God after Mouses who led the Israelites to the promised land as God did not allow Mouses to enter therein because he with Aaron sinned.

I remember a "Friend"

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The First time ever I gaze into your eyes
I mirror a reflection of myself
& the Fear that dwells inside haunts me -
When all of my heart, You hold it through your hands
In darkest weather & deepest despair ...I witnessed your care - so rare
like a farmer uprooting a frail tree..Clinging, thrusting it to Earth’s soil firmly
You emerge too like a rainbow.. looms over cloud of my dire sorrow
a lovely token of new tomorrow
Such stubborn fondness...washes away my dreariness
suddenly, my world’s not gloomy it used to be
But we swim against great tide ...It disjoint our spirits aside
akin to a frantic yell ...awaking us from spell of our tale
Birds come & go, and human so

when you flew back to your nest ...I remain at rest - why?

Si Miming - Pls. I need comments on this stories - Ty.

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NASA grade five ang pangalawang anak namin, si Kaye. Umuwi siya isang hapon mula sa school bitbit ang isang kuting. Payat at halos magkakadikit pa ang mga talukap ng mga mata ng kuting dahil sa kapal ng natutuyong muta.

            “ Wow…may miming na tayo,” bulalas ni Kulet, ang bunso namin.

            Agad na pinagyaman ng magkapatid ang kuting. Naglagay ng mantika sa isang malinis na basahan si Kaye at nilinis ang mga mata ng pusa. Nang lumabas mula sa kanilang silid si Kulet, bitbit na nito ang isang kahon ng sapatos.

gangsta's paradise

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information about the novel

ASF brotherhood - a fraternity founded by the prominent people in the society and only people in the first class can join.

SJB fraternity - a fraternity headed by the lower class people in the society with the purpose of revenge against the prominent people of their abuse.


Raffie - younger sister of Brenan. A junior college nursing student at a known university in Manila and a guitarist/vocalist of a band.

Brenan - brother of Raffie and and mortal enemy of Alex. He is a member of ASF brotherhood but his family was not aware about it. He graduated at a known university in Manila in the course of electrical engineering.

NBDB Seminar Report (Nov. 15, 2005)

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Arrived too early and with hardly a wink for the National Book Development Board seminar (around 9am, and it started 10) so I was really light-headed throughout the day -- which was in a way, just fine, since I had no inhibitions socializing and asking questions :). At any rate, I was particularly interested in the first part of the event, since it featured the Publish/Print on Demand Company CentralBooks, owned by the Sibal family. Present were Juan Carlos M. Sibal (VP for Operations), Ma. Alegria Sibal-Limjoco (Member, Governing Board), and Jose Paolo M. Sibal (VP for Finance & Administration).

NBDB Seminar for Authors; Market at Witman Publishing Co. (H.K.) Ltd.

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Got a tip from a fellow writer that the National Book Development Board will be holding a seminar for authors at their office at UP Diliman tomorrow November 15, 2005. Called them up even if it was already six in the evening, and luckily Ms. Asena Galang of their research department was kind enough to entertain my call. It turns out that there will be two seminars. One will be about Print/Publish On Demand to be given by CentralBooks, and the other by McGraw-Hill (she was not sure of the details).  Although the seminar is for registered authors only of the NBDB, I might still drop by tomorrow morning -- the seminars are scheduled at 9 o'clock and 1 pm, but Ms. Galang said that usually they start at 10. Ms. Galang also suggested that I tell the organizers that I will register later so that hopefully I can be accommodated.

Creative Publishing

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(Delivered [by Antonio A. Hidalgo] at the symposium, “Know Your Assets in Research,” July 29, 2005, University of Santo Tomas, Manila)

Antonio A. Hidalgo is President & CEO of Milflores Publishing. Inc. He turned to writing fiction in his fifties, after completing an international career as the highest-ranking Filipino in UNICEF, and serving in the cabinet of former President Ramos as Secretary General of the Housing and Urban Development Coordinating Council (HUDCC). He has published six collections of his short fiction and plays (two in English, two in Filipino, two bilingual).

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