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Yes, I Wrote About Music before Vitamin-C Turned Me Into a Zombie: j.luna's Fudge Magazine (R.I.P) Reviews. Part 1: Sabrina

by j luna ( | | )
Yes, I Wrote About Music before Vitamin-C Turned Me Into a Zombie: j.luna's Fudge Magazine (R.I.P) Reviews. Part 1: Sabrina

I Love Acoustic Music

(Universal Records)

The Cure 4:13 Dream

by j luna ( | | )
The Cure 4:13 Dream
The Cure

This holiday season is the best! You know why? Because this is one of the very rare times that I was able to get something that I really wanted in that Monito Monita racket....I GOT THE NEWEST THE CURE CD!!!!!!!!

Yeah, Hehehe. j.luna's the proud owner of the newest The Cure cd " 4:13 Dream", which is definitely one of the best that they ever made so far.

For the past 2 days, I've spent my enchanted evenings listening to this album, mesmerized.

A Personal Matter, Kenzaburo Oe (review by j.luna, April'08)

by j luna ( | | )
A Personal Matter, Kenzaburo Oe (review by j.luna, April '08)
Kenzaburo Oe

Category:BooksGenre: Literature & FictionAuthor:Kenzaburo Oe

Hi, everyone!!! Salamat po ng marami sa suporta sa aming Cubao Expo adventure!!

Chasing Cars - the postscript

by ebudae88 ( | )
Chasing Cars
Snow Patrol

Music can make the world a much more bearable place, definitely. We couldn’t live without other people's music and making our own.- Gary Lightbody

A fishbone had been stuck somewhere in between my pharynx and epiglottis, so I guess. it has been there for two days now and it’s so awful to imagine swallowing eternally rice balls for a cure. (At least you’ll gain a few pounds for that-Mr. Standard). I couldn’t bear so much of the chewing but for the pain of gulping down because of that little fishbone which surreptitiously entered my system.

Of Kill Bill and the Aviatrix

by ebudae88 ( | )
West With the Night
Beryl Markham

If I start to hear rhythmic whistling in my ears as if in a hiatus of moment in Kill Bill where in a split of second the tendering slices of the samurai upon unnamed and unheard antagonists spurts out splashes of the red ink on cam in an endless bloodbath, I also try to find ways to live out an addiction of inexplicable wandering. I try to burden my back with my bulky mailbag and sore the toes of my feet with this striding-along-addiction with a matter of miles in mind to and from points of departure and arrival. (Weird for you, normal for a natural weirdo.)

LIGHTNING by Dean Koontz

by Paolo Macachor ( | )
Dean Koontz

Being the 4th Koontz book I read yet, LIGHTNING was the one that had held me most spellbound and in awe.
The story, as any story should begins where Laura Shane is conceived and we are treated to glimpses of Stefan -
the mysterious guardian of Laura. Koontz even puts the Random House definition of "Roller Coaster" as one of the opening
title cards and rightly so as we are swept through time between Laura's miraculous rescue from the guardian
in the grocery store, to her eery encounters with the villain in the McIlroy home. Koontz foreshadows Laura's wit

Midnight by Dean Koontz

by Paolo Macachor ( | )
Dean Koontz

MIDNIGHT is definitely one of Koontz's novels that contains a lot of cliffhanger sequences and gross-out moments for the squeamish to ever take. I loved the charm of Chrissie Foster's bookish, intelligent and articulate beyond her years character. Fact is I think the young Dakota Fanning is whom I picture if this was produced into a movie...

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