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Kailangan ko magpagupit para sa Party namin sa Linggo. Anong gupit ang dapat kong ipagawa?

by Luca ( | | | | | )
Clean Cut (Pwedeng pakilala sa parents ng Jowa)
25% (1 vote)
Semi-kalbo/ Kalbo
25% (1 vote)
Fauxhawk (Parang mohawk na hindi)
0% (0 votes)
Shaggy (Mukhang bagong gising)
0% (0 votes)
Trim lang (Wierd buhok ko. Tingnan mo yung facebook ko)
50% (2 votes)
Total votes: 4

Sino ang Kpop band na gusto niyong mag top 1 sa Myx daily top 10?

by eaudefrancois ( | | | | )
0% (0 votes)
0% (0 votes)
Girl's Generation
100% (2 votes)
0% (0 votes)
Super Junior
0% (0 votes)
Total votes: 2

collaboration, anyone?

by malvin ( | | | | | | | | )

first time ko sa site na 'to, kind of nawawala... basta gusto ko lang i-release yung mga images na nasa isip ko.lundagan ng lundagan e hindi ko alam paano pakawalan ng may saysay... got lots of ideas but dont know how make it work! accident lang ng masearch ko ang site ne 'to, or call it devine interventaion. i'm just searching on how to make a cand--or better yet, i'm searching on how to make money-- but here i am, trying to get some disturb attention or maybe someone who has the same problem with me, it's been a dream to write a novel, a book, a film...but all was a dream until now...so much inferiority i think...but who doesnt have one? kahit pa siguro presedente merong inferiority complex... anyway, im jusy looking a place to post my thoughts, trying to search writing competition kahit hindi ko alam papaano sasali o gagawin... if ever, you are the same with me...maybe we can work things out by collaboration...just hoping... dont know when can i visit this site again, or if i can still visit the site, but i'll try asap. just hoping to hear someone like me. text me

Are the rules in English conventional grammar on a paradigm shift? Or is English just too robust?

by esoteric_hermit ( | | )

The title speaks for itself.  Are the conventional rules becoming archaic/obsolete/passe?  Is English too dynamic for its own good? Do specific regions in the world have influence about the matter?

El uso del español/the use of Spanish

by Cristobalito ( | | | | | | | )

Mabuhay amigos.

Quiero comentar sobre la importancia de que perviva el español en Filipinas. Yo, desde lejos y también como extranjero veo la enorme oportunidad que tiene vuestro país para sacarle partido al uso del castellano y del chabacano que es tan parecido.  Económicamente la enseñanza del español puede beneficiar a Filipinas, teniendo en cuenta que mucha gente sigue hablando el castellano y además lo fácil que les resultaría a los chabacanohablantes comunicarse con los casi 500 millones de personas de habla hispana. Es más, daría un nuevo impulso a la economía filipina pues se podrían establecer centros de llamadas,  sería también posible aprovechar las emergentes economías hispanoamericanas y promover la influencia de Filipinas por el mundo. No digo que eliminen la enseñanza del inglés norteamericano sino que restauren, por dios, la del español.

A Foreword

by Fur Elise Da Mirage ( | | | | )

A Foreword

In the series of tubes
Be aware, be aware
You don't know who's lurking
The tension is there

So post modestly friend
Don't insult a soul
Or you'll meet a fiend
Who'll preach you a foul-
An embarrassing end

To your social life here
In the luminous screen
But cheer up!
There's more blogs
to clog and be mean.

-Fur Elise Da Mirage

out of town

by pacificojones ( | | | )

I wanted to fly
See the flowers and feel the cold summer
But I just can’t leave
The bread is not enough to satisfy the hunger
I have longed to be there with you, right now
But I could not
Conquer these forces that lie beneath
I am held in a solace that disarms my freedom
My heart seems to forget how to stand on its own

I wanted to die
Only to give birth to my old self
So that I can live
When bread is not the only food that’ll nourish my soul
Still I dream here with you
I am in jubilation as I celebrate such defeat
So that in every second I have you in mine
My thoughts, and my prayer
My breathing, and my sight

Change, Chance, Choice and Spiderman

by tween_07 ( | | | | )

He’s way a lot cuter in black suit. And when I said ‘he’ I meant Spiderman. Yeah right, he’s your friendly neighborhood who wouldn’t hurt anyone’s teeny little fingertip. But guess what? He’s changed but not for long though. At least he has had the moment of breaking free from his normal self. I envy him for that. I’m dying for a change-- a new image, maybe some new friends or new environment to live. I mean, this humdrum existence is just too boring. You do the same things everyday and at the same time. You walk the same path everyday and see people all the same. I need change just like Spiderman.

Musings From Life

by Fur Elise Da Mirage ( | | | | | | )

"The Muses" 


They come when they want to

Twirling around their sashes- incense fabricating my vision


Drums roll and beat my pulse as we quest through ingenuity

and I question their given gender


As a woman, God should have sent them as men

Their ritual dance would have been quite an entertainment. 


- Fur Elise Da Mirage


by jacqlinj ( | | | | )




Ang bayan kong Pilipinas

Dati kang lupain ng ginto't bulaklak

Ngayon sa kumunoy ikaw ay nakasadlak

Dati ay may pag-ibig sa iyong palad

Nag-alay ka ng ganda't dilag

Ngayon, pag-ibig nila ay kumupas

Alay na ganda't dilag ay puno ng paglibak


Pilipinas ko, ikaw ay dating minumutya

Ngunit ngayon bakit ikaw ay kinukutya?

Dati'y pugad ka ng luha't dalita

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