for you (part 2)

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For you,

A few weeks back you sent me a message that will make me cry over and over with joy because I felt so loved and thought of.  I never thought you would think of me in that manner.  You shared about a dream of us being together, not in the life after, but rather in this lifetime; now, when the time is our enemy and fate is our destiny.  I know our “friendship” is already classified as “an impossible dream”.  But we survived and we keep on believing in this “friendship” and we know deep in ourselves that we are here, together, for reasons only us know.  I know this is too much for sanity.  And I believe this is one of the reasons why we are still here, for each other, knowing at the end of the road, there is a gate waiting for us, to carry us on to our next journey.  And there is patience, understanding, prayer, love, honesty, common ingredients to a beautiful “friendship”.

This Is How Much I love You

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You have come and touched my life

and made me feel how much you love me.

You always tell me that I'm your princess,

you showed me how much you care for me.

Everything you did and every words you said

are important to me, so in my heart I kept it.

You did lots of things to show your love for me.

I know, in your mind there's something you want to know.

You have query that needs an answer.

In your heart you want to feel if I really love you

and if I do, how much?

It's not enough saying it only to you,

so I showed it also.

ang dahilan kung bakit ko isinulat to...

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Isa lang akong simpleng tao na may simpleng pangarap sa buhay.  Isa lang ako sa mga taong akala mo’y hindi nag-eexist dito sa mundo. Simple lang din ang routine ko sa buhay.  Gigising sa umaga, papasok sa trabaho, uuwi sa bahay, matutulog.  Ganun lang lagi kaya masaya ako kapag nagyayaya ang mga kasama ko sa trabaho na gumimik.  O kaya naman minsan niyayaya ko ang mama ko na manood ng sine.  Wag ka ng magtaka kung sya ang kasama ko kase wala naman na kong boyfriend.  Kung bakit e wag mo ng alamin kase baka I-chismis mo pa sa kapitbahay mo.  Saka hindi naman talaga yun ang dahilan kung bakit ko isinulat to.

for you

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For you,

Well, I guess I may sound exaggerated if I say that I’m thankful that we’ve gone this far.  I know it isn’t enough to say that it’s already been too long for us.  But no matter how you react about it, I would still wanted you to know that I am happy that we did it and those times being together is worth reminiscing.  I believe that this is just the beginning of some more months and hopefully years that we still have to take.

I often say “thanks” to you, for the good things you showed me…. For loving me….  But I guess I forgot to tell you how much I really am thankful for being a part of your life.  You didn’t know how much I admire you and how much I believe in you.  And if ever the whole world wouldn’t believe in you anymore, I would still be there for you.  

My Sweetest Stranger

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I can hardly take a step

away from what we had

to forget about you

is like forgetting who I am


Loving you is my thing to do

but I need to walk away

'cause you're no longer here

no longer here to stay


You told me before that it

doesn't matter if I turn you away

'cause you'll stay with me and be

my sweetest stranger, forever


I guess you'll stay that way

you'll be my sweetest stranger

nevertheless, just a stranger

that really makes me wonder


Miles apart from each other


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>out of love<
its sad when you wake up one morning and then realize that the person you thought you have loved all your life is really not the one you wanna grow old with. what is much sadder is that no matter how much you try, you just could not feel love any more. falling out of love could be much colder than the prison cells of Azkaban. 
fallen out of love. its not me and hopefully i will not find myself in such a situation. feelings could be fleeting sometimes and somehow i realized that it does not matter how long have you been together or how far would you go. sometimes, no matter how much we know the one we love, in the end we still do not have the slightest idea...and then we wonder what went wrong....and then regret that we have either loved too much or too little... and simply accept the reality that love is lost....


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“Kulang ito…”  bulong ni Raven matapos i-withdraw ang lahat ng pera sa kanyang ATM.

Iiling-iling na lamang niyang itinago sa pitaka ang pera matapos niyang matantiyang kakapusin na naman siya at di aabot ang pera bago dumating ang katapusan.

Maraming naglalaro sa kanyang isipan ng tumunog ang kanyang cellphone.


“Sino na naman kayang kamote itong nag text sa akin?”  sabi niya sa isip niya habang dinudukot ang cellphone sa bulsa.

Dalawang Kuwento Ng Pag Ibig

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Unang Kuwento

“Pull over”, ang sabi ni Marlon sa Pakistani na taxi driver.

“Here,” sabay abot ng bayad at baba sa taxi. Hustong pagyapak ng kanyang mga paa sa lupa ay napalinga siya sa paligid.

“Hay, daming tao dito sa Balad” bulong niya sa sarili.

“Biyernes na naman kasi.” Sabay lakad patungong Corniche Commercial Center. Habang naglalakad ay iniisip niya si Gary. Dito rin niya nakilala si Gary dalawang buwan na ang nakakalipas. Naglalakad siya noon sa labas ng Queens Building ng nakita niya ang isang lalaki na nakatayo sa may gilid ng Mc Donalds na nangingilid ang luha at parang balisa.

Undoing of the Twins

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She heard somewhere that hugs are therapeutic, which means it helps with healing, and it also lifts you up when you're down.

Save for family, she had never hugged anyone before. She doesn't mean passing friend hugs--the kind that last for a few seconds. This is about a real hug--her ideal hug--a tight embrace, something that steals her breath and makes her knees grow weak. This is about an embrace that makes her forget time and everything around her. You'd think she's talking about a kiss.

She's done group hugs, and she usually find herself meshed in the middle with all the other warm bodies around her, noise ringing in her ears with "GROUP HUG!!!" She loves those, but it's not quite the same as her ideal.

The Last Dawn With You

by Jerry G. Gervacio ( | | | )

Sweetest love flowed in a midnight of September. I remember the glory. I remember the gratification. And now I am sure that you, too, remember the fulfillment of the endless beauty of true love. It was a dream that came into reality.

No one between us had imagined that it was our last midnight together. Even now, after several September have passed, I still cannot believe that I was sipping the last drop of joys with you. It was a midnight and dawn of love with you. Now, I face the day with little pangs of feeling alone and abandoned. I become a child whose treasured toy was stolen - and cannot be returned. I am at lost not in the dark but in daylight!

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