by poetic_angel ( | | | )



my sunset,

my life,

i wish,

for a second,

i could be at rest,

i wish for a moment,

i could fly,

fly so high,

high and away,

from my life,

from everything,

from the chaos,

from the madness.....


i wish to lose all my reasons...

This Is How Much I love You

by maogmang jane ( | | | | | )

You have come and touched my life

and made me feel how much you love me.

You always tell me that I'm your princess,

you showed me how much you care for me.

Everything you did and every words you said

are important to me, so in my heart I kept it.

You did lots of things to show your love for me.

I know, in your mind there's something you want to know.

You have query that needs an answer.

In your heart you want to feel if I really love you

and if I do, how much?

It's not enough saying it only to you,

so I showed it also.

My Sweetest Stranger

by patrie ( | | | | | )

I can hardly take a step

away from what we had

to forget about you

is like forgetting who I am


Loving you is my thing to do

but I need to walk away

'cause you're no longer here

no longer here to stay


You told me before that it

doesn't matter if I turn you away

'cause you'll stay with me and be

my sweetest stranger, forever


I guess you'll stay that way

you'll be my sweetest stranger

nevertheless, just a stranger

that really makes me wonder


Miles apart from each other


by esoteric_hermit ( | )

It thought it was you
who would  catch me when I fall
I faced my demons alone
you never heard my call

the sands of time fell
as I watched the seasons change
I waited for so long
You never noticed at all

excruciating pain wracks my flesh
boring inside my deepest recesses
searing flames engulf  my essence
singing the core of my sanity

melancholy evokes rueful memories
of countless transgressions and apathy
until the winds of truth catch us
and hurl us into the vortex of uncertainty


by esoteric_hermit ( | )

cumulonimbus clouds envelope the mountain peaks
the cool mountain air embraces me as I seek
the waning rays of the sun, casting its pale glow on my skin
the wind whispers as the new moon illuminates the night
seemingly absolving the evening din
nocturnal creatures chant a heart-rending dirge
that summoned death on the ridge

as the moon fades...

by augusta linnea ... ( | | )

love fills this moment,

there is hunger between our souls

and desire between our bodies.

i lay bare.

you lay bare too.

you get on top of me

slowly making sure that you see evry inch of me.

sweat rolls down over our faces

down to our necks

and down to our legs.

your holding me so tight

like im so fragile,

and im olding you so close

like ill never let go.

this is the time to let go

of everything that holds us back.

i feel your body moving on top of me.

and it feels so good.

i can hear your whisper;

i was dreaming again...

by augusta linnea ... ( | )

i lie awake

and i feel your nearness,

i wanna know if this is real;

i wanna know if im seeing the dawn as it breaks the horizon;

but i tried to see the truth

and when i open my eyes,

i wasnt laying awake

i was dreaming.


by augusta linnea ... ( | | | )

Sa makulay na payong
At sa hinabing bayong,
Diyan daw sya umusbong
At lumaki sa kangkong.
Ang pobre na si Inday
Laging dala ang suklay
Salaming hindi tunay
At pulbos ng mataray.
Daster na walang manggas
Tanging suot ng pantas,
Parisan pa ng medyas
Na berdeng butas-butas.
Araw-araw sa nayon
Si Inday naroroon
Upang sya ay magpasyon
Sa limos at donasyon.
Sadyang kahamak-hamak
Sa mundo ng mga uwak,

A Foreword

by Fur Elise Da Mirage ( | | | | )

A Foreword

In the series of tubes
Be aware, be aware
You don't know who's lurking
The tension is there

So post modestly friend
Don't insult a soul
Or you'll meet a fiend
Who'll preach you a foul-
An embarrassing end

To your social life here
In the luminous screen
But cheer up!
There's more blogs
to clog and be mean.

-Fur Elise Da Mirage

Bewitching Hour

by Fur Elise Da Mirage ( | | | | | )

The chugging sound
of ac
vibrate through the walls,
the pounding
on the door
louder than the calls,

mangy mirage
photo-real; engraved.
Hypnotize, mesmerize,
keep it far at large-

Warp it
through your blanket,
like milk in hot chocolate;
is limped

cause dippy,
is limped

sleep seeps off
drowsiness lost
cause dippy, caffeinated is limped.

Sit up
get up
face up

sweet image
toss them in the dark,

cause dreams
will pass;

cause dreams
will pass;

cause dreams
will pass,

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