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i would like to ask if i inserted  verse in my script from bible do i need  to get written permission to use those words?looking forward from reply and thank u so much.have a blessed and prosperous new year to all

Secret Confessions

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Got a secret to expose?

If you've got hatred on someone else and you can't butt out. Here's the place to pull it

Are you cheating on anyone or your job?

Feeling like alone and want to burst it out?

Post your secret confessions!

How are you?

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Where you Naughty or Nice this semester?

Breaking up?

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Want to share true to life tales of women conquering break-ups?

C'mon, express yourself.

Every girl has a story to tell, and everyone agrees. Overcoming such break-up is hard to do but you can begin it all, knowing you can have fun again!

Tell your girlfriends or even Mr. Heartbreaker that you have moved on.

Relationship: How does it matter?

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Would you keep your relationship a secret for the sake of your Beau's high profile career?

==mY onLy sErApHim==

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now i think i know

what you tried to say to me

and how you suffered for your sanity

and how you tried to set them free

they would not listen,

theyr'e not listening still...

perhaps they never will.

i am a writer, not a person. and if i had listened to my life, listened to the things that brought joy, i would have known that. and i would have known it a long time ago, if only i had been looking. listening.

Somewhere, in my past...

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     sometimes i woke up as if iwere a different person, or sometimes i went to this kind of place and felt like i already visited that particular place... -- De-javu, i read it. i am always fond of collecting materials that are too old or too fragile to handle, old photographs taken wayback 1890's or let's just say , those pictures at the time were my great grand parents are still at their peak of youthful. i used to be classical or too old-fashioned in several ways, and all my friends also notice that. when we were duty at Sta. cruz laguna provincial hospital, my only way of overcoming my boredom while travelling for almost an hour is to look outside the jeepney and try to look for something essential that sounds interesting to me --- OLD HOUSES! that i think was built during spaniards' colonization, Dr. Jose RIzal's time i guess...

what's your favorite stephen king book?

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From a Buick 8
0% (0 votes)
Rose Madder
4% (1 vote)
Gerald's game
0% (0 votes)
Riding The Bullet
0% (0 votes)
The Shining
8% (2 votes)
Shawshank Redemption
17% (4 votes)
The Mile
8% (2 votes)
21% (5 votes)
Name it please? I'd be interested to read it if you would...
42% (10 votes)
Total votes: 24

Remembering Carlos Bulosan, Part 1

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Remembering Carlos Bulosan, Part 1
By Elmer A. OrdoƱez

A SHORT news item marked the death of Carlos Bulosan, 44, in September 1956 in Seattle. I remember two leading columnists of the Manila Chronicle dismissing the literary achievement of Bulosan, I.P. Soliongco and Ernesto del Rosario. Both recalled the plagiarism charge against Bulosan by another writer for a story published in The New Yorker magazine. However, Bulosan was later cleared by The New Yorker itself.

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