by joenard ( | | )

Kung may isang araw sa buhay ko.

Pipiliin ko na maging isang damdamin. 


by joenard ( | | )

Pinipilit ko na maging iyo
Sa bawat araw
Sa bawat oras

Letter for my Dead Star

by galatea hopkirk ( | )

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Galatea Artemis

First prose in a thousand years.

The pickpocket princess

by johncross ( | | )

What she sees valuable, she steals.

She’s a crime doer.

She does it immaculately.

By just a glance she can already tell.


She is vigilant.

She’s slick.

She’s nimble.

She’s like the wind.



by veronaraves ( | | | | | )

i want to be like your sunday morning,

warm, carefree, gentle, comforting.

i want to be your tea or coffee,

or whatever it is you drink--

hot, cold, sweet, bitter, necessary.

 i want to be the sheets you hide under,

when the sun rays bite your flesh,

and you wake up feeling distraught,

alarmed, uncertain.


I think this still needs a little tweaking at the end. I just wrote this on a whim. 

The Perfect Day

by veronaraves ( | | | | )

The Perfect Day

A Memory of Madness

by mdligaya ( | )

I stopped breathing,

Holding your hand - 

There was heavy silence

When I Can Only Look At You

by mdligaya ( | )

When I can only look at you

I can only look at an apple

The redness is inviting


I Think About You All The Time

by mdligaya ( | )

I think about you all the time

While pouring hot water over a cup of instant noodles

While watching the clock tick and wondering


by magsinoalvin ( | )

Soul starts
Dancing the rhyme 
With the sound of picking

Of memoria

Mind walks
Or runs
Thru every line

Alvin M.

i promised myself not to write any english poem as i know how illiterate i am.

i just couldn't resist the first lines. Obviously trying-hard, i made few more lines but i'd be very glad if someone(not busy), i know someone there is surely more capable, literarily capable, would rewrite the entire poem above.

just keep ''Dancing The Rhyme With The Sound Of Picking''. i wanted it to be the title but it composes the entire poem already..  :)

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