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All Poets Are Fools

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All Poets Are Fools


I read with my mind and write with my heart,

I sing in silence and talk while I shout,


Zombie advocate. Social media fanatic. Freelance TV expert. Avid web scholar. Unapologetic pop culture buff. Music and Anime Freak.

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who killed nancy?


i saw her
lying lifeless
on the floor
bathing in her blood

who killed nancy?

i remember
when she was a child
i'd peek from the window side

she loves to tie her hair
with a purple ribbon
and when she walks down the road
under the glittering sun
her skin would shine like diamond

who killed nancy?

i was there
i saw it all
but the man who took her life

it was a rainy afternoon
nearing summer's end
she'd always come home late
and sneak in at the back

Alvin M
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The Love You Think You Deserve

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One night, passing
through a tunnel, she peaked out 
the sunroof.



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on passion


They say it burns

Like a flame, and like a

Flame, it dies: let it

Scorch, char your skin,

And leave a scar, for


bored at work

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On Li Po


Li Po, forever—

Drinking wine

Singing farewells

Inking laments

Stringing lutes

Composing     poem

After poem for

Friends—reaching for

Bright Moon

            White Clouds . . .


after reading Li Po

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Reminiscences of a Teacher


“Good morning, teacher!”


“Good morning, teacher!”



Galatea Artemis

The work of a reminiscing teacher. 

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Heart VS Mind

things are getting worse than expected. and now here i am drowning in the sound of silence as the darkness swallow my soul and my heart imprisoned in the eternal nothingness....
Mark Anthony delos Santos
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All Apologies


Everyday of our marriage, before the last stroke of sunlight leaves the sky, all I always ask is 'what if?'.


Alvin M.

What else should i be?

all apologies...


-Kurt (Nirvana)

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Everytime she smiles at me, what I see are the tears hidden under the skin of her cheeks shining grievously.



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On Ducks



Holden, I know

Where ducks go

During wintertime,

When everything’s

Frozen and lonely:

They stay and slide

On thinly layered

Pond of black ice.

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