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The Love You Think You Deserve

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One night, passing
through a tunnel, she peaked out 
the sunroof.



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on passion


They say it burns

Like a flame, and like a

Flame, it dies: let it

Scorch, char your skin,

And leave a scar, for


bored at work

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On Li Po


Li Po, forever—

Drinking wine

Singing farewells

Inking laments

Stringing lutes

Composing     poem

After poem for

Friends—reaching for

Bright Moon

            White Clouds . . .


after reading Li Po

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Reminiscences of a Teacher


“Good morning, teacher!”


“Good morning, teacher!”



Galatea Artemis

The work of a reminiscing teacher. 

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Heart VS Mind

things are getting worse than expected. and now here i am drowning in the sound of silence as the darkness swallow my soul and my heart imprisoned in the eternal nothingness....
Mark Anthony delos Santos
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All Apologies


Everyday of our marriage, before the last stroke of sunlight leaves the sky, all I always ask is 'what if?'.


Alvin M.

What else should i be?

all apologies...


-Kurt (Nirvana)

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Everytime she smiles at me, what I see are the tears hidden under the skin of her cheeks shining grievously.



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On Ducks



Holden, I know

Where ducks go

During wintertime,

When everything’s

Frozen and lonely:

They stay and slide

On thinly layered

Pond of black ice.

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Silence Will Fall


"How did you get it?"
She hit me with those words like a
Five-punch combo
That leaves you dazed, dizzy and dying
A statement to the multitude of unbelieving
Masses, those classes too focused on
Their tiny little lives to even
Consider about caring or carrying the burden of the sick 
To lift the veil of ignorance 
And get through the thick
Skulls of the uneducated, huddling downtrodden
Who make myths out of slayable monsters

This spoken-word piece served as my entry for the second round of Scarlet Letters from Baguio: a Poetry Slam for HIV awareness held last Nov 29, 2013. :)

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Hearing Things


I’m starting to forget

the shape and texture

of your face, though I

remember you saying,

Go, but do not forget

me. Say, is it enough,

alone and surrounded

by a deafening silence,

to listen to your voice,

as if you are my shadow?

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