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 when rain and wind

coalesce in a wintry night

isolation’s sole consolation

is a sip of warm whisky, 


while Kusano’s festive 

frogs croak chaotically 

on the dreary yellowed 

pages of a paperback. 



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On Peaks


Wind strings tired nerves,

        cower still in a bivouac 

               until god stops whistling.


Limp up cumulus clouds,

        toes dig deep in scree,

                tie a towel round the right knee.


Pine and spruce, gone,

        nothing but grass on the ground

                grab sharp rocks, clasp lithe blades.

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there are those


there are those who drown

in dank bars and stagger

on ill-lit alleys  

and pass out unnoticed.


there are those who run 

and bump against each other,

dropping briefcases 


Note: left in the mountains . . . is from the poem Visiting Hsi-Lin Temple by Po Chu-I trans. by Arthur Waley

When I Can Only Look At You


When I can only look at you

I can only look at an apple

The redness is inviting


I Think About You All The Time


I think about you all the time

While pouring hot water over a cup of instant noodles

While watching the clock tick and wondering

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Soul starts
Dancing the rhyme 
With the sound of picking

Of memoria

Mind walks
Or runs
Thru every line

Alvin M.

i promised myself not to write any english poem as i know how illiterate i am.

i just couldn't resist the first lines. Obviously trying-hard, i made few more lines but i'd be very glad if someone(not busy), i know someone there is surely more capable, literarily capable, would rewrite the entire poem above.

just keep ''Dancing The Rhyme With The Sound Of Picking''. i wanted it to be the title but it composes the entire poem already..  :)

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The Verdict (revision)


October 13, 2011

Alvin M.
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All Poets Are Fools

| | |
All Poets Are Fools


I read with my mind and write with my heart,

I sing in silence and talk while I shout,


Zombie advocate. Social media fanatic. Freelance TV expert. Avid web scholar. Unapologetic pop culture buff. Music and Anime Freak.

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The Love You Think You Deserve

| |

One night, passing
through a tunnel, she peaked out 
the sunroof.



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on passion


They say it burns

Like a flame, and like a

Flame, it dies: let it

Scorch, char your skin,

And leave a scar, for


bored at work

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