Superannuating the Old Diary

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Blogging is the new trend. Diaries are now outdated. Gone are the days of my time when you have to write your detailed and private record ofmy every day in a journal. I remember scribbling my  innermost thoughts  and deepest secrets in a book page by page  when I was younger ( not so long ago:) ) and since they are considered private, they are equipped  with a lock and key.  And reading somebody else's diary is an intrusive act of disrepect to someone's privacy it breaking the   HIPAA, confidentiality in today's words or language.

I browse through blogs  of those people I know and even those I never met at all. Young and old, they have always something to say. And even KC Concepcion's blog had been the  center of chizmiz / gossip by the Philippine media recently. I wonder if someone still has a diary tucked under her pillow today....maybe 1 or 2? I  don't know.

With blogging and have a perception that people's character has evolved into a bolder personage . Such audacity of the young mind that is willing to unveil a part of himself without meekness amidst conspicuous readers and possible comment expressing denunciation if not approval or compliment is a revelation. Gone are the days that you hide your feelings to someone ..that even in your diary you still hid the names under Naughty Garfield, Pierre Martin, Snoopy, or @2 :). Now, you can dare to tell the world when you are happy, you are in love, you are feeling sad , you are in  extreme joy ....

Expression of self has taken its highest  level of freedom through blogging. One's sentiments and everyday life of a poet, a singer , a person in love, a nonsense writer that speaks of angst, joy and frustrations that doesn't follow the traditional way of writing is found through blogging.

My  old diary I still read today makes me laugh at was  I so timid and bashful then? Today, I still write but only here. Have I liberated myself from the ties of hesitations and squeamishness? Maybe, a bit but I am still the same cautious writer that I am. But you know what? It isn't bad to be dauntless unveil a thought or an emotion through writing. Besides, knowing that my Mommy reads my blog to know how I feel , or others take inspiration and strength  or lesson from whatever words I have put together....Now I say, it is then good to share a part of oneself, a part of me.

So let us all blog!!!!!


by lumawig_jacinto on January 11, 2009 - 11:14pm

ako, i still have my diary... and i keep it under my study table's drawer. and i find it very therapeutic when no one bothers to listen to your thoughts and failures.ako, i wanna keep the old ways as it is, mas gusto ko yung ine-effort mong magsulat about your feelings kesa mag-type. like love letters,cards, diaries...mas na-aapreciate ko yun.

by ellise dominic on January 23, 2010 - 10:33pm

hmmm two days ago i burned all my diaries.  new start, new beginning.  as one song says, the rest is still unwritten, besides i hate my  old diaries, they're all melodramatic, they're stressing me when i read them so i burned them...