Yes, I Wrote About Music before Vitamin-C Turned Me Into a Zombie: j.luna's Fudge Magazine (R.I.P) Reviews. Part 1: Sabrina

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Yes, I Wrote About Music before Vitamin-C Turned Me Into a Zombie: j.luna's Fudge Magazine (R.I.P) Reviews. Part 1: Sabrina
Fudge Magazine/ Manila Bulletin

I Love Acoustic Music

(Universal Records)

There's nothing to hate in this wonderful album by Sabrina. Hating is bad, and somebody's musical style does not necessarily connote the personality of the individual behind it. And of course, what is there to hate in an album that makes you forget how tired you are after working your ass off and helps you escape to a field of sunflowers and daisies where everybody is trippin' and smiling? So acoustic haters, SHUT UP! One thing is for sure, this is a nice album by a really nice person (I hope so).

Ms. Orial is a young blood who had her taste of the limelight doing mall shows, radio tours and corporate events. She has a captivating style that will charm both the testosterone driven and the contemporary audiences. Her music is perfect for those in the mood to get stoned while unwinding and chillaxing; and based on Sabrina's wonderful picture in the sleeve, I guess she's a really cool, well-dressed person with a pet zebra who wants to make the people around her happy through the use of her music- and yes, she also has a nice voice.

I just can't wait for her to write nice and wonderful songs in the future.

I Love Acoustic: Intimate Interpretations Of Your Favorite Hits, by Sabrina is 17 tracks of sunshine and happiness in a wonderful well-thought out digipak packaging, which believe it or not, is also available in Thailand and Indonesia. If you want to know how she sounds like, I can only compare her to Bowling For Soup, A New Found Glory and Me First And The Gimme, Gimmes without the punk and without the rock. Anyway, there is no need to further explain how she sounds like because the album title says it all.

The 17 tracks are written by some of the best songwriters that the record label can afford. Don't be surprised but Shawn Carter aka Jay-Z wrote a song in this album, the title of this song is “Umbrella” and I bet the song will make it big once it hits the airwaves. Also, Sabrina shows her revolutionary side by singing direct revolutionary propaganda through “Irreplaceable”, written by Beyonce Knowles (“TO THE LEFT, TO THE LEFT ...EVERYTHING you OWN in the BOX TO THE LEFT”), a very militant statement against material possession and ownership sang in true Marxist fashion. Definitely. A very, very brave move for Sabrina to do in a country where journalists and artists are killed because of their beliefs.

However, aside from those two songs, most of the material here are all covers. Fans of Green Day and all the punks in Tandem, Recto will definitely dig her version of “Wake Me Up When September Ends,” regardless of the month they listen to it. Her version of “Perfect” by Simple Plan, shows genuine teen angst and longing, that I wish she hadn’t dedicated the song to her or anyone's dad.

After listening to the album, I couldn't help but admire Juris Fernandez and MYMP upon hearing their version Of Maroon 5's “She Will Be Loved,” only to realize that this is not Juris singing nor was it MYMP when I grabbed the lyric sheet and saw a different person on the cover of the album. My bad, I always get absent-minded when I'm awestruck.

The album is good, but may not satisfy the expectations of listeners who might want original material. But, only a dumb person who can't read will ask for something original in an album whose title includes “...Intimate INTERPRETATIONS of FAVORITE HITS.”

Fudge says

After listening to Sabrina's album, I came upon a realization about artists who do covers. I guess, aside from OPM, maybe we should also find more time to listen and appreciate CMF. CMF is Covered Music by Filipinos, the exact opposite of OPM or Original Pilipino Music. CMF is also a genre that I invented while writing this article, and that makes me an innovator (and a genius). This trend had been around for ages and thanks to MYMP, more and more offspring of this genre have sprouted, giving hordes of tired alienated yuppies escape and comfort in their drunken hours. Sabrina is one of those artists, and we owe her and her brethren a lot for giving us something to listen to when we go to bars and spots where we can drink our routinary lives away and forget about all the shit for at least a moment.

Well, who cares about original stuff when you are drunk, tired and wasting away, right?

– j.luna

Note: This review is the raw, pangit, grammatically incorrect, unproofed and unedited version.

This review was published in Fudge Magazine's (R.I.P.) June-July Ish....

I also wrote about Zach Lucero and a band called Syato in this one.

I would like to thank Universal Records for the toy guitar souvenir.

And yeah...That's her pet zebra in the pic.

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